Perfumes as a secret weapon against COVID-19

Perfumes as a secret weapon against COVID-19

One may use perfume for its pleasure and soothing impacts on human life. But, would not it be surprising if it offers you something very beneficial for your health. Especially in the time of misery and lock-down caused by the corona virus.

What if it proves to be the secret agent against COVID-19 disease? If we have a look back into the history, we will be able to find out that in the past, besides using Fragrances for its pleasing effects on human life, it was extensively used in medicine.


The use of perfumes in medicine can be attributed to the fact that it contains a high percentage of alcohol in its composition. Anything that contains more than 60% of alcohol can be used as sanitizer against various viruses and bacteria. We encounter most of the disease causing germs through our hands.

These can be the potential carriers of viral or bacterial diseases. The best way to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of these germs micro-organisms is to dis-infect our hands regularly. The purpose is usually achieved by using good hand washes and soaps. In case, you are at some place where it is not possible for you to wash hands, you can disinfect your hands by using sanitizers. As you don’t need water when using hand sanitizer for cleaning purposes.

These are the liquid chemical containing a major proportion i.e. almost 80% of the alcohol. It destroys the outer-membrane of the corona virus which is made up of lipids. Alcohol being the excellent organic solvent dissolves the lipid membrane of virus. Alcohol has a very eminent role when it comes to killing micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria from any the surface of any place or from the skin. So, you only need to put a little sanitizer on your hands and spreading it properly all over your hands.

We are living in the time when corona virus has hi-jacked the Globe and no country is safe
from its ruinous effects. The COVID-19 pandemic which is followed by unusual events in
history and is affecting almost every industry. Same change applies when it comes to
discuss about the fragrance industry. This can be explained by keeping in view the
composition of fragrances. As we know that the major component of perfumes is alcohol, which is the main sanitizing agent used for disinfecting the surfaces and skin against germs.  Here, arise the question  about the idea of using perfumes as sanitizing liquids. Perfumes are anti-septic added with the quality of being beauty fragrance.
In turkey, cologne and perfumes are largely used as sanitizing material. Cologne is the major part of Turkish lifestyle. They use it like the most important component of their everyday lives. They serve their guests with cologne as a sign of good will. After the COVID-19 outbreak, they started using them to disinfect their hands, which not only ensures the protection against harmful viruses but also give the pleasing and soothing effects to the attitude.

Some clerics in Iran are also shown while using cologne for the treatment of patient infected with COVID-19. Cologne contains almost 70% of alcohol. That is why it can be used as a
good hand sanitizer.
In the pandemic, as we all are facing the lack of sanitizing liquids and medical equipment like mask etc. merchants are stocking the sanitizers and are selling them at very high prices at black market. In the case, it is preferable to use something that can act as substitute of sanitizers to rectify the lack of sanitizers in the the miserable condition of virus outbreak.
What can be better than perfumes to use in place of sanitizers for the purpose of disinfection in the era when world is facing shortage of sanitizers.
Since the outburst of corona virus the market sale of perfumes have shown a remarkable increase, the increase in the sale is about 150-200% of its sale before pandemic. This can be
attributes to the hike in the prices of sanitizers and lack of its availability during the

pandemic. Being high in alcoholic content, the producers are now working on serving the
demands of consumers of perfumes for use as a sanitizer around the globe.
In addition to its role in improving sanitizing conditions for people during the COVID-19

outbreak, it has an eminent role in improving the psychological, behavioral and emotional attitude of people staying at home during the lockdown. Fragrances give a soothing effect and contributes in bringing positivity. It brings about happiness to the moods of people during the stress of COVID-19. The corona virus has occupied the nerves of all and sundry, black and white, old and young, men and women, poor and rich. The pandemic has brought about a wide range of change in the behavior of consumers of perfumes and fragrances all around the world.
So, the manufacturing companies are looking forward to add fragrances to alcohol based sanitizers that work in twice capacity i.e. providing sanitization and giving fragrances to provide soothing effect to the consumers. The consumers are surely going to prefer fragrant sanitizers over simple ones.

We can say that perfumes are acting as a secret weapon in our fight against corona virus. So,
if you are facing the problem of lack in the availability of sanitizers, you need not to get panic as you can use perfumes and fragrances that can serve the purpose of sanitizers.

Instead of making home-based sanitizers, you can rely on perfumes as home based sanitizers may not contain the proper percentage of alcohol and other content and may cause harm to the skin instead of good. After coming in contact with any infected surface, you can disinfect your hands by rubbing your hands properly with a perfume. But, be careful while choosing any perfume for the purpose of disinfecting liquid as some perfumes may contain chemicals that may prove harmful for the skin.

How Perfume Relieves Stress?

How Perfume Relieves Stress?

Stress. Who doesn’t have stress? It’s so common in the postmodern era that you’re surprised if someone is stress-free. Gone are the days that city dwellers live stressful lives, and urban and rural areas don’t. Did you know that perfume can relieve stress?

Since the dawn of time humanity enjoyed the various fragrances, nature provided. Today men and women wear their favorite fragrances as perfumes on their bodies. Of the five senses, the smell is probably the sense that causes the most delight with the strongest emotional effect.

The wonderful unique smell of perfume evokes an emotional response. Herein lies the power of perfume fragrances to alleviate stress. How does something that smells so nice also relieve stress?

Mood Change

It’s almost impossible to inhale a sweet smelling rose and stay grumpy. How much more would the sensual, romantic rose fragrance of perfume evoke positive emotions? The whiff of someone’s perfume or cologne causes a strong emotional reaction. How many times have the delicate aroma of someone’s perfume caused you to smile or turned your head to see who it belonged to? How often have you smelled a cologne and associated it with masculinity?

It only takes one whiff to be bombarded with pleasant sensations and memories.

It is also true that fragrances may have a negative emotional response when associated with a traumatic event. Positive emotional reactions outweigh by far negative reactions to a specific perfume fragrance. The positive triggers sent to the brain, however, are substantial enough to associate perfume fragrances with beauty, love, happiness and other positive emotions.

You don’t even need to smell another person’s perfume or cologne to have a positive mood response. When you move around, the whiff of your perfume or cologne creates emotional responses. You feel good about yourself. You can create an atmosphere of desired emotions with the perfume you choose to wear for a specific occasion.

Studies indicated that a good mood relieves stress. It’s impossible to smile and stress simultaneously. Happiness and stress are poor companions.

Perfume fragrances positively affect your mood. The emotions and memories fragrances cause results in the brain secreting endorphins. Endorphins have a relaxing effect and counteract stress.

The effect perfumes have on feeling good is so strong that the perfume doesn’t even have to contain relaxing ingredients. The sheer experience of smelling the fragrance you like, causes you to relax.

Citrus Fragrances

It’s a well-known fact that citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit have health benefits as food. But did you know by simply smelling perfume containing these fragrances can have a positive effect on your mood?

A study published in the Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that the fragrances of citrus fruit fragrances had a calming effect and restored stress-induced immunosuppresses. When patients treated for depression inhale citrus fruit fragrances, the calming effect was so positive that their dosages of antidepressant medications were decreased.  

Increased heartrates often accompany stress and anxiety. Lemon and yuzu fruits have an almost response in combatting stress. These fruits can reduce heart rates within 10 minutes. The calming effect reduces the stress and anxiety that caused the increased heart rate.     

Jasmine Scent

Jasmine comes from the Persian word “Yasmine” which means “a gift from God.” The powerful fragrance of the jasmine bloom inspired such a name. The fragrance is truly a gift to the perfume world. More than 80% perfumes for women and a third of men’s perfumes contain jasmine fragrance.

Jasmine oil is a natural health remedy against stress, anxiety, and depression. Jasmine smell evokes a calm and relaxed feeling, ideal for a romantic evening.

The floral scent inspires a feeling of life and joy like the blooming spring flowers after a harsh winter. Floral scented perfumes create images of love, romance, and femininity. Feeling sexy and feminine are great weapons against stress and anxiety.

To produce 1 kilogram of jasmine absolute 7.5 million flowers are needed. Therefore, perfume containing jasmine absolute are expensive. Fortunately, it’s possible to create the jasmine fragrance synthetically which produces affordable jasmine scented perfumes.

Fruity Fragrances

Fruity fragrances like apples, blueberries, cranberries, and watermelon unlock a feeling of happiness. A happy feeling boosts a positive mood which in turn alleviates stress and anxiety. Take a watermelon as an example. Just the thought of it evokes images of sunshine, summer, picnics, and other happy memories. Watermelons have a fresh taste, and the smell of watermelons induces a similar freshness.

A 2008 study showed that the crisp fragrance of apples reduced migraines and headaches. Headaches often accompany anxiety and stress. It causes a downward spiral effect of depleted productivity and concentration that increases stress which leads to more headaches. Relief from headaches is a positive step towards reducing stress.


Your sense of smell links to the emotional center of your brain. The power of perfumes lies in those memories and emotional experience the fragrance triggers.  A small whiff of fragrance and your memory is stirred, and you emotionally react to the scent. These positive emotions automatically influence your moods and decrease stress and anxiety.

Wearing perfume with a certain fragrance evokes positive feelings and attitude about yourself. You feel the femininity of being a woman or the masculinity of a man. Perfumes create atmospheres of romance, a happy feeling and a desire for life.

The enjoyment of the perfume’s smell creates an atmosphere where stress cannot survive. Also, the ingredients of various perfumes have a direct impact on the brain to release anti-stress hormones.