Do-It-Yourself Perfume with Essential Oils

Do-It-Yourself Perfume with Essential Oils

Many people are attracted to perfumes. Scent tends to be intimately tied to memory. You may get some memories when you smell a particular scent. Perfume has much value to play in our lives.

You can easily find perfumes from many different brands available in stores. Some conventional perfumes actually have many chemicals which do not even get told on the label.

To counter this you can make a perfume using essential oils so that it is completely natural and safe. Essential oils, in fact, tend to smell heavenly and therefore can make wonderful perfumes.

Making perfume like this will need you to be patient, but it may turn out to be cheaper than buying a perfume from a store. Continue reading on to find out more.

Make perfume at home

It is definitely possible to make a lovely perfume for yourself at home. Most perfumes are actually a mixture of different fragrance oils within an alcohol base. When it comes to perfumes, there are base fragrances, then mid-tones followed by top notes.

At the time that one smells some perfume, the top notes will typically be the first thing that they smell; then they will smell mid and finally base notes.

When you need to make a perfume, you will choose and add these going from base to top.

You also need to know that the alcohol alters the composition of your oils moreover as the flavors meld, expect much change. In the beginning, you may prefer some mixtures, but when they change, the smell may be horrible after some time.

Some that you may have thought to be horrible may turn out to smell good later on. You need to remember this when making the perfume.

It is essential that you find the appropriate oils as well as ratios which work well for you. You can, therefore, need to experiment with different oils.

You can add some drops at one time and have a journal where you save the number of drops that you added. When you can get a wonderful blend you can write this down and copy it later on.

You can, therefore, tell that you will need patience when wanting to use essential oils to make a perfume. Take out time to know the different ingredients and how they smell after a period of say two weeks after you have mixed them. You may end up producing a wonderful smelling fragrance.

Read on to find out about a tried out DIY perfume recipe that you can try out today.

An exciting DIY perfume recipe to try out

You can try out this recipe and see if you like the scent that it produces. Remember to not be impatient and enjoy this task which can be fun.

The base oils:

Starting off with the base oils you can add the following:

  • Vanilla (try adding 1 tsp of some homemade vanilla extract)
  • Cedarwood (add 3 drops of this)
  • Vetiver (add 4 drops of this)
  • Ylang Ylang (only 3 drops of this)
  • Sandlewood (get 4 drops of this added)
  • Frankincense (add 8 drops).

After these base oils you can proceed to the middle tones.

The middle tones:

For the middle tones get the following oils:

  • Rose (add 6 drops of this oil)
  • Lavender (add 10 drops)
  • Blue Chamomile (only 3 drops)
  • Geranium (add 8 drops of this).

Proceeding on to the top notes get the following oils.

The top notes:

  • Bergamot (add 5 drops)
  • Wild Orange (only 3 drops)
  • Neroli (add 5 drops)

If you do not have any of these ingredients you can visit a store that sells essential oils and asks for them. You can even search on the internet to see if these oils can be brought at a reasonable price.

This fragrance has been tried out and has worked. Therefore if you are not willing to experiment right now with different essential oils you can try out the above fragrance. The above perfume will look blue-green due to the three drops that you will add of blue chamomile oil.

If you want you do not have to add this oil if you wish to get a color that is more neutral. If you are worried that this will stain your clothes, it has been claimed that it will not do this.

You can start using this perfume immediately, but it is recommended that you allow the flowers to meld for a minimum of a month before starting to use the perfume.

Storing the perfume

You need to store the perfume in something that will keep it safe from any environmental or other damage. You can store it in a dark colored bottle. You can buy one that is not too costly even. It is vital that you preserve the amazing pure scents of these oils with the help of this bottle.

Do not carelessly store the perfume in any bottle. Be sure that whatever you store it in, the ingredients will be protected and remain fresh for much time.

Herbal perfume ingredients:

Let us now look at the ingredients.

  • About 12-20 drops total consisting of Base Essential Oils such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, as well as Vetiver, etc.
  • It is optional to add 1 tsp consisting of some homemade vanilla extract.
  • About 25-30 drops comprising middle tone oils such as Rose, Geranium, Lavender, and Chamomile.
  • About 12-15 drops consisting of top note oils such as Bergamot, Neroli, or even Wild Orange.
  • Add 4 ounces consisting of alcohol to preserve as well as meld scents.

Instructions to make the DIY perfume

  1. Mix all the oils inside an opaque bottle to receive the scent you prefer. Allow the mixture to remain inside the bottle by itself for only a few days allowing the scents to meld.
  2. You need to add the alcohol. Remember to cap tightly.
  3. You can shake this and place it inside some cool and dark place for a minimum of a month. This part is optional and aids the alcohol scent in fading and allowing the oils’ scents to intensify.

It is a good hobby and idea to make DIY perfume using essential oils..

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