Armaf Enchanted Oud Air Freshener 300ml

Despite of the name, ARMAF fragrances are always enchanting. Enchanted Oud air freshener is one of the marvelous creations of Air fresheners by ARMAF. This air freshener is mainly composed of oud as it is its basic component and oud in general, is increasingly rugged and woody, relinquishing its glow, sweetness, and balsamic notes. You will feel the reverence recognizable all around. Its floral smell isn’t for a minute, yet it stays for a long time. A fine mist will disseminate in your room and wherever it will go, it will give a message of harmony and love. It will make a sentimental domain.


With the pleasure of olfactory nerves, it will also soothe your body and mind. It is highly compatible to your mental peace. The aroma it spreads means that concordance and quietness. The floral and sweet scent spreads and creates an atmosphere of a garden for you. With oud enchanted air freshener, you will not feel the need of any other scent because it is most refreshing and reviving for your body. Enchanted Oud air freshener fits at every place you splash it. Thusly, don’t disbelief its quality. It will relieve you with its aroma for a broad stretch and you basically need to keep the door shut. It will execute the horrendous aromas and its smell will tidy up your place. Make an effort not to worry over its things since it is unharmful and there is no deadly fixing in it. Keep your place spreading aroma of garden-fresh by plashing Enchanted Oud air freshener by ARMAF at your place.

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