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Chifon Rose Couture Emper W Perfume 100ML

If you are a party freak and want to be the best among all the people then Chifon Rose Couture by the production of Emper would be your perfect fit. This beautiful and mesmerizing aroma is specially made for women. If you want to make her days joyous then gift her Chifon Rose Couture as it is the most alluring present you can give to her. What is more charming then making your presence remarkable among the bunch of your friends and colleagues? Chifon Rose Couture never disappoints its users in making the most refreshing and noticeable in a gathering.

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This perfume would stick to your body for a long time and you will feel the prominent aroma arising from it. The freshness it spreads can never be competed. The notes of Chifon Rose Couture by Emper are very significant. It starts from a fruity fragrance; it goes towards peachy blossom which is enough to melt every heart. But it does not stop here and then moves to woody refreshing fragrances. This floral fruity fragrance is just like a toner from paradise. The touch of pink champagne is sparkling and heart-melting. This sophisticated and decent aroma is quite astounding. It would give you a royal and queenly satisfaction. Wherever you will go, you will be at the top of the game. This aroma would be good upbeat for you. Apply it underarms, wrists and below ears. You can use it daily and it has no harmful effects on any skin type.

Head Notes

Champagne and Fruity Notes

Heart Notes

Peach Blossom

Base Notes

Woody, White Musk and Amber







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