Rs:5000 Scholarship Program for Students by Perfume Hut

We are an online e-commerce perfumes website. The products offered to this site are added to provide peoples a refreshing fragrance that not only changes the mind but, also help them out in their daily life.

As part of our extended goal and vision, we want to encourage and enable bright and promising young people to fulfill their hopes and dreams as they enter and pursue their careers.

This is a very good news to all ambitious college students that Perfume Hut offers a Rs:5000 scholarship grant. This will provide students with financial support and be able to pay the expenses needed for his/her studies.

Purposely, the aim of this scholarship is to let the student live in the Pakistan and avoid any debt and pay for higher education easily.

The provided assistance can be used for the payment of tuition fees, educational supplies, various books or board at a certain college or university of the scholar granted with this opportunity.

Processes Schedule/ date
Acceptance of applicants May 05, 2020
Deadline for the application May 31, 2020
Reviewing & screening of applicants August 01, 2020
An announcement of winners &  granted scholars August 15, 2020

Application Requirements and Eligibility

Eligibility requirements to become a scholar:

  •       Applicants must be currently enrolled in high school (seniors), college, university or trade school.
  •       Write a 1000 – 2000 words blog post discussing a topic related to Perfumes.
  •       The winner will be selected based on the content and creativity of the article written.
  •       Submit your essay to [email protected] upon completion.

NOTE: Once the article is ready to submit it to [email protected] along with the following information:

o   Full name

o   Mailing address

o   Phone number

o   Proof you have been accepted to an accredited college or university. (i.e. acceptance letter) or

o   Proof you’re currently attending an accredited university (include current college transcript)

o   Your GPA (transcript showing your GPA)

The article will be judged, screened, and reviewed by a separate based on the content and creativity of the article submission. Winner will be announced on the schedule given.

Privacy Policy:

  •       All the personal information of the applicants is secured and protected.
  •       No student information out of the business will be shared.
  •       Information will be made public only after the consent of students. Students will not be contacted for marketing purpose. We will not add their information to any marketing list.