How To Wear Perfume The Right Way?

Perfume makes a statement about who you are. Without exception, perfume fragrances and colognes evoke certain emotions, moods, and images. Flowery fragrances appear youthful while fragrances like sandalwood are more for the mature woman. A woman’s moods and the occasion also portray which perfume to use. When a woman wears perfume, she wants it to last. Here are tips on how to wear perfume the right way and what not to do.

Best places to apply perfume:

According to the French, there are two schools of thought in applying perfume.

The first school of thought is to apply the perfume directly to the heat spots on your body. Heat spots are areas where the skin is thinner and blood flow closer to the surface emitting a stronger pulse.

  • Behind your ears. When moving your head in turning toward someone, they will enjoy the smell as the perfume fragrance is released.
  • Below the jawline so that when someone hugs you or kisses you on your cheeks, they will smell the perfume or cologne.
  • On the inside of your wrists but not too close to your hands. If too close to the palms, you will wash the perfume away when you wash your hands.
  • The inside of the elbows allows the release of fragrance every time you bend your arms.
  • Behind your knees. When you walk past people who are sitting, they can also enjoy the perfume fragrance

The second school of thought is that perfume shouldn’t be touched or applied directly to your skin. Spray the perfume in the air and then walk through the mist. Perfume will also settle in your hair as well as your body.

Don’t Do This With Your Perfume!

For optimal fragrance release, there are a few things you should never do with perfume.

Don’t Rub Perfumed Wrists

Never rub your wrists against each other when you’ve applied perfume. The rubbing action overheats the perfume, and the molecules are broken down releasing a negative fragrance. Applying perfume to the heat points as mentioned above is good enough to release the fragrance correctly

Give Your Nose A Break

Don’t wear perfume every day, especially if you wear only one perfume. Your nose adapts to the fragrance, and after a while, you can’t smell the perfume anymore. Then you tend to apply more perfume than is necessary. It is good practice to have days that you don’t wear perfume at all.

Don’t Dab or Roll Perfume or Cologne

Dabbing or rolling perfume or cologne also breaks the molecules. The fragrance changes in a negative way. Roll-on perfumes and colognes mingle with the skin oils and changes the scent.
Dabbing perfume behind the ears can also lead to a change in fragrance.

Don’t Spray Hourly

A perfume that works well with your skin gives the impression that it ‘disappears’ after a while. It means you won’t smell the perfume after an hour or so, but it is there. The perfume settled perfectly with your skin and is subtly releasing the fragrance. Therefore, it didn’t disappear as you may think. If you continue to smell the perfume, it may cause a headache. It also means the perfume isn’t the right type of perfume for your skin.

Avoid Blotches on Your Skin

Have you seen people with brown spots on their necks in areas where you’ll normally wear perfume? Perfumes that contain alcohol may be the cause of these blotches on the skin. The alcohol increases the skins’ sensitivity to the sun. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you can develop blotches in the areas that you applied the perfume.

The remedy is to wear the perfume in areas that aren’t as exposed to the sun, e.g. inside of the wrists and elbows. Avoid applying perfume to the face areas during the day. At night you can apply perfume to those sun-sensitive areas.

Another option is to apply perfume to your clothing instead of directly onto your skin.

5 Other Areas To Wear Perfume

Wearing perfume behind your ears, beneath the jawline, on the wrists, inside of your elbows and behind your knees are the most common places. Here are a few other options you possibly haven’t thought of:

  1. On top of your ears instead of behind the ears. Oily skin carries perfume better than dry skin. The skin on top of the ears is often better suited for fragrances than the drier parts behind the ears.
  2. Instead of spraying perfume directly onto the neck, you can wear a necklace permeated with perfume. You can do the same with a bracelet.
  3. The best places to wear perfumes is where the body releases heat. Another not so obvious place is the belly button and down your calves.
  4. Scent your feet. Ankles move and release the fragrances as you move around.
  5. Perfume in the hair lasts longer than on the skin. The hair follicles absorb the fragrance. Keep in mind perfumes containing alcohol will dry out the skin in the same manner certain alcohol-based hair products do.