best perfume to your father on this father’s day

Send the best perfume to your father on this father’s day

Father’ day is just coming on the 21st of June 2020. If you are planning to gift your father, your teacher who is just like a father to you, or some elderly person to whom you pay respect just like the way you pay respect to your father, but are not able to decide what to gift him.

You need not get panic as I have come up with the amazing solution to the problem of “what to give your father this Father’ day”. What about gifting the hero of your life with something that brings a very positive and pleasant effect on his life. What can bring more change in the attitude and mood of a person more than a fragrance?

If your father is just a traditional one, he would surely not like the very idea of yours to spend money on him. He would wish from you to be a little thrifty about him and would love to see your money on yourself. This selflessness is the part of fatherly nature. But, this doesn’t mean that you should not gift him. You should surely gift him as getting a gift would make him feel his worth in your life. I am listing down some perfumes that fall under some particular price range, so you can choose the best perfume for you father according to your budget.

1: Najdia

Is your father one of the kind that goes with the beat of their own heart, the one who don’t bother to search for happiness instead has the ability to create happiness not only for himself but for all the people who belong to them. It is enriched with the fresh citrusy fragrant with the blend of cedar wood scent.

2: Pure Oudi

If your father is a lively man with energetic life. He would surely like some fresh, energetic and citrusy fragrance that helps in adding innovation to his mood. Pure oudi fits the bill handsomely. This contains the notes of agar wood, sandal wood, amber wood, cedar wood, blended with the note of vanilla, cinnamon, and jasmine. It last for long hours after application.

3: Oud Mood

Your father will surely love it at first sniff. It is neither too heavy nor subtle. Your father can mix with any other fragrance, it just makes other perfumes more unique. It contains the notes of saffron, rose, amber and floral scent. It smells sweet. It is the kind of smell about what people are going to ask your father that which smell he is wearing. If your father is a calm personality, he is surely going to love this.

4: Ejazi

If your father is a sort of some passionate and confident personality eager to explore the world. Which fragrance could match his personality more than Ejazi? It contains crisp fresh citrusy smell with cardamom and lavender scent with the heart note of Pepper, Saffron, and cinnamon. It is woody aromatic and contains the dry notes of Amber and Cedarwood. It has a lighter but long lasting scent.

5: Legend Brown

This fragrance comes up with the citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit and orange with the blend of teak wood, lavender, musk, and oakmoss. It gives afresh and soothing feel. This is the kind of perfume about which strangers are going to make compliments once your father wears this.

6: Tres Nuit

For the kind of father who takes pleasure in simple things. like if he loves to do gardening and making new dishes, exotic perfumes have been introduced for this father’s day. The fragrance is fresh green. It has come up with the crisp and citrus scent of lemon and Verbena blended with the Lavender and spicy notes and contains the refreshment of ambergris and sandalwood. It is famous for its longevity.

7: Tag Him

This smell is youthfully warm, unique, attractive, and refreshing. It is woody and spicy. Its top notes are citrusy, heart notes are ginger, and mint and base note contain cedar and sandalwood smell. If you gift this to your father, you are going to see this in your father’s collection for years to come as he is surely going to like this. In the time of 2020 lock-down, it proves a good companion.

8: Epic Adventure Brown

If your father loves to travel around the world and always ready with his backpack, he is surely going to add Epic adventure brown to his traveling bag just the way he won’t forget to take his toothbrush with him. This fragrance has come up with a combination of fruity, citrusy, and woodsy scents like amber, oak, moss, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, and cedarwood. This is surely going to be the part of your Father’s everyday life once you gift him on this Father’s Day.

9: Genesis Men

If your father is some nautical person easily drawn to water. He will surely love the Genesis Men fragrance. It is an aromatic masculine perfume. It is a mixture of essential aromatic oil and solvents. It contains the notes of lemon, lavender, apple, rosemary, amber wood, musk, and sandal.

10: Club de nuit intense Men

It contains the freshness of green apple and pine-apple intensified by the citrusy smell of lemon, and blackcurrant, with jasmine, rose, and birch as middle notes. The base notes are Vanilla, Ambergris, Musk, and Patchouli. This is preferred for its aroma that lasts for about 8 to 9 hours a day. Your father can wear it all round the year. If your father is an energetic person who loves to go to the gym, this would be a perfect choice and I am hopeful that it would occupy the place of his signature scent.

So, which fragrance are you going to pick up too surprise your father on this father’s day with something that is going to add pleasant effects to his everyday life.

How To Wear Perfume The Right Way?

Perfume makes a statement about who you are. Without exception, perfume fragrances and colognes evoke certain emotions, moods, and images. Flowery fragrances appear youthful while fragrances like sandalwood are more for the mature woman. A woman’s moods and the occasion also portray which perfume to use. When a woman wears perfume, she wants it to last. Here are tips on how to wear perfume the right way and what not to do.

Best places to apply perfume:

According to the French, there are two schools of thought in applying perfume.

The first school of thought is to apply the perfume directly to the heat spots on your body. Heat spots are areas where the skin is thinner and blood flow closer to the surface emitting a stronger pulse.

  • Behind your ears. When moving your head in turning toward someone, they will enjoy the smell as the perfume fragrance is released.
  • Below the jawline so that when someone hugs you or kisses you on your cheeks, they will smell the perfume or cologne.
  • On the inside of your wrists but not too close to your hands. If too close to the palms, you will wash the perfume away when you wash your hands.
  • The inside of the elbows allows the release of fragrance every time you bend your arms.
  • Behind your knees. When you walk past people who are sitting, they can also enjoy the perfume fragrance

The second school of thought is that perfume shouldn’t be touched or applied directly to your skin. Spray the perfume in the air and then walk through the mist. Perfume will also settle in your hair as well as your body.

Don’t Do This With Your Perfume!

For optimal fragrance release, there are a few things you should never do with perfume.

Don’t Rub Perfumed Wrists

Never rub your wrists against each other when you’ve applied perfume. The rubbing action overheats the perfume, and the molecules are broken down releasing a negative fragrance. Applying perfume to the heat points as mentioned above is good enough to release the fragrance correctly

Give Your Nose A Break

Don’t wear perfume every day, especially if you wear only one perfume. Your nose adapts to the fragrance, and after a while, you can’t smell the perfume anymore. Then you tend to apply more perfume than is necessary. It is good practice to have days that you don’t wear perfume at all.

Don’t Dab or Roll Perfume or Cologne

Dabbing or rolling perfume or cologne also breaks the molecules. The fragrance changes in a negative way. Roll-on perfumes and colognes mingle with the skin oils and changes the scent.
Dabbing perfume behind the ears can also lead to a change in fragrance.

Don’t Spray Hourly

A perfume that works well with your skin gives the impression that it ‘disappears’ after a while. It means you won’t smell the perfume after an hour or so, but it is there. The perfume settled perfectly with your skin and is subtly releasing the fragrance. Therefore, it didn’t disappear as you may think. If you continue to smell the perfume, it may cause a headache. It also means the perfume isn’t the right type of perfume for your skin.

Avoid Blotches on Your Skin

Have you seen people with brown spots on their necks in areas where you’ll normally wear perfume? Perfumes that contain alcohol may be the cause of these blotches on the skin. The alcohol increases the skins’ sensitivity to the sun. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you can develop blotches in the areas that you applied the perfume.

The remedy is to wear the perfume in areas that aren’t as exposed to the sun, e.g. inside of the wrists and elbows. Avoid applying perfume to the face areas during the day. At night you can apply perfume to those sun-sensitive areas.

Another option is to apply perfume to your clothing instead of directly onto your skin.

5 Other Areas To Wear Perfume

Wearing perfume behind your ears, beneath the jawline, on the wrists, inside of your elbows and behind your knees are the most common places. Here are a few other options you possibly haven’t thought of:

  1. On top of your ears instead of behind the ears. Oily skin carries perfume better than dry skin. The skin on top of the ears is often better suited for fragrances than the drier parts behind the ears.
  2. Instead of spraying perfume directly onto the neck, you can wear a necklace permeated with perfume. You can do the same with a bracelet.
  3. The best places to wear perfumes is where the body releases heat. Another not so obvious place is the belly button and down your calves.
  4. Scent your feet. Ankles move and release the fragrances as you move around.
  5. Perfume in the hair lasts longer than on the skin. The hair follicles absorb the fragrance. Keep in mind perfumes containing alcohol will dry out the skin in the same manner certain alcohol-based hair products do.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Perfumes

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Perfumes

Fragrances create an enigmatic atmosphere, not just for you, but also for those who will encounter you throughout the day. However, finding the right one is always challenging.

Perfume is more than just fragrances. It is a science; the balancing of different notes. It is the chemistry of different scents extracted from different elements of nature. Perfume has 3 depths when it comes to its notes: top or headnotes, middles or heart notes and the base notes.

  • Top / Head Notes

This is the first fragrance that releases its scent and the usual first impression from the perfume. This is the selling point of perfume makers since this is the primary scent that a perfume exudes.

  • Middle / Heart Notes

This is the fragrance after the top notes slightly dissipate.  This is the body of the fragrance that covers up whatever the unpleasant scent that the top notes leave. The scent from the middle notes is usually rounded and mellow.that lasts for an hour.

  • Base Notes

Together with the middle notes, this is the main theme of the perfume. The base notes solidify the depth of the perfume. It usually has the strongest scent which can last for several hours or even days.

What to Consider When Buying a Perfume?

A bottle of perfume comes with a price. Unless you can afford to buy several bottles in one purchase, then you don’t have to carefully plan on what to buy. But if you are a novice and just started to discover the world of perfume, these are some things you need to consider before buying one.

  • Familiarize With the Perfumery Terms

We all do our research online these days, and one of the most searched items is perfume. Everything you will see on the internet is actual photos and definitions. When you read definitions, such as that for perfume, there are terminologies that are quite difficult to understand.

Terms such as notes, sillage, accord, chypre, and many others are not commonly used either in oral or written form. It would not only be beneficial in understanding what you read but also, you will understand better once you decided to buy in an actual store and get to talk with a salesperson.

  • Skin Chemistry

Not all fragrances will smell the same on different women. Each person releases a distinct scent that can compliment a perfume’s composition. When trying on a perfume, let it sit on your wrist for a few minutes, after the top note dissipates.

Another thing, the perfume will smell differently depending on the cleanliness of the person’s skin. Believe it or not, it makes a world of difference.

  • Unearthing The Notes of Your Choice

If you are already familiar with fragrance and scents, you can already imagine how a perfume will smell like with its description. Taking notes of your favorite scents will always give you an idea of which perfume is most ideal for you.

There are fragrances that have a rich scent such as woody, amber, vanilla. Others are more floral while some are sweet and fruity. The description will provide these notes that might appeal to you and even encourage you to delve into a different spectrum of fragrances.

  • Determine the Perfect Concentration

There are different categories in a perfume. These categories determine the concentration of the actual perfume and the ratio of its other components. Here is the percentage of its concentration.

Parfum = 30 – 50% aromatic compounds

Eau de parfum / Parfum de toilette = 10 – 30% aromatic compounds

Eau de toilette = 5 – 20% aromatic compounds

Eau de Cologne = 2 – 5% aromatic compounds

The higher the concentration, the more expensive the perfume gets. The price range also depends on other components that the fragrance is made up of.

  • Layer Your Scent

Absolutely, perfume already has a layer of scents in one bottle, however, you can still add another layer of scent on your perfume to make it last longer or to create a more unique scent that is you.

To make the perfume last longer, you can layer it with a perfumed lotion with a base that will mix well with the perfume itself. For instance, a vanilla-based lotion compliments a lot of perfume that contains woody, amber or sweet notes. By doing this, it enhances the scent of the perfume and makes it last a little bit longer.

Layering contrasting scents also makes an amazing combination of fragrance. There are colognes available that can boost the notes in a perfume and create a unique aroma that can be your own trademark smell.

Perfume Care Tips

A bottle of perfume is considered a luxury item especially if it comes with a price. It also expires and spoils if it’s not handled properly. At times, the color of the perfume changes from its original color to a yellowish tinge and the smell also changes from pleasant to unpleasant.

Here are some important ways to store your precious bottle of perfume properly:

Store in a cool and dry place – other components of a perfume reacts to heat and humidity. When placed in a place that acquires humidity and exceeds room temperature, it may change the fragrance of the perfume.

Avoid exposure to sunlight – as what mentioned above, the colour of the perfume changes when exposed to direct sunlight. It also affects the scent of the perfume since sunlight can dissolve some of the elements of a perfume.

Keep perfume in its box – this will protect the quality of the bottle and the perfume itself. Storing a perfume in a dark place will always ideal for the preservation of the perfumes longevity.

Avoid shaking the bottle – a perfume contains delicate components that can disrupt if not handled with care. Shaking a bottle of perfume is a no-no because it will spoil the perfume much faster.

A perfume is not just a bottle of fragrance. It is also a bottle of art, chemistry, and history. With this, it gives high value to this small bottle of fragrance. Perfumes are also therapeutic in nature especially if it contains essential oils.

Pick your bottle properly that will leave a great impression on you and to those around you.

How Perfume Relieves Stress?

How Perfume Relieves Stress?

Stress. Who doesn’t have stress? It’s so common in the postmodern era that you’re surprised if someone is stress-free. Gone are the days that city dwellers live stressful lives, and urban and rural areas don’t. Did you know that perfume can relieve stress?

Since the dawn of time humanity enjoyed the various fragrances, nature provided. Today men and women wear their favorite fragrances as perfumes on their bodies. Of the five senses, the smell is probably the sense that causes the most delight with the strongest emotional effect.

The wonderful unique smell of perfume evokes an emotional response. Herein lies the power of perfume fragrances to alleviate stress. How does something that smells so nice also relieve stress?

Mood Change

It’s almost impossible to inhale a sweet smelling rose and stay grumpy. How much more would the sensual, romantic rose fragrance of perfume evoke positive emotions? The whiff of someone’s perfume or cologne causes a strong emotional reaction. How many times have the delicate aroma of someone’s perfume caused you to smile or turned your head to see who it belonged to? How often have you smelled a cologne and associated it with masculinity?

It only takes one whiff to be bombarded with pleasant sensations and memories.

It is also true that fragrances may have a negative emotional response when associated with a traumatic event. Positive emotional reactions outweigh by far negative reactions to a specific perfume fragrance. The positive triggers sent to the brain, however, are substantial enough to associate perfume fragrances with beauty, love, happiness and other positive emotions.

You don’t even need to smell another person’s perfume or cologne to have a positive mood response. When you move around, the whiff of your perfume or cologne creates emotional responses. You feel good about yourself. You can create an atmosphere of desired emotions with the perfume you choose to wear for a specific occasion.

Studies indicated that a good mood relieves stress. It’s impossible to smile and stress simultaneously. Happiness and stress are poor companions.

Perfume fragrances positively affect your mood. The emotions and memories fragrances cause results in the brain secreting endorphins. Endorphins have a relaxing effect and counteract stress.

The effect perfumes have on feeling good is so strong that the perfume doesn’t even have to contain relaxing ingredients. The sheer experience of smelling the fragrance you like, causes you to relax.

Citrus Fragrances

It’s a well-known fact that citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and grapefruit have health benefits as food. But did you know by simply smelling perfume containing these fragrances can have a positive effect on your mood?

A study published in the Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that the fragrances of citrus fruit fragrances had a calming effect and restored stress-induced immunosuppresses. When patients treated for depression inhale citrus fruit fragrances, the calming effect was so positive that their dosages of antidepressant medications were decreased.  

Increased heartrates often accompany stress and anxiety. Lemon and yuzu fruits have an almost response in combatting stress. These fruits can reduce heart rates within 10 minutes. The calming effect reduces the stress and anxiety that caused the increased heart rate.     

Jasmine Scent

Jasmine comes from the Persian word “Yasmine” which means “a gift from God.” The powerful fragrance of the jasmine bloom inspired such a name. The fragrance is truly a gift to the perfume world. More than 80% perfumes for women and a third of men’s perfumes contain jasmine fragrance.

Jasmine oil is a natural health remedy against stress, anxiety, and depression. Jasmine smell evokes a calm and relaxed feeling, ideal for a romantic evening.

The floral scent inspires a feeling of life and joy like the blooming spring flowers after a harsh winter. Floral scented perfumes create images of love, romance, and femininity. Feeling sexy and feminine are great weapons against stress and anxiety.

To produce 1 kilogram of jasmine absolute 7.5 million flowers are needed. Therefore, perfume containing jasmine absolute are expensive. Fortunately, it’s possible to create the jasmine fragrance synthetically which produces affordable jasmine scented perfumes.

Fruity Fragrances

Fruity fragrances like apples, blueberries, cranberries, and watermelon unlock a feeling of happiness. A happy feeling boosts a positive mood which in turn alleviates stress and anxiety. Take a watermelon as an example. Just the thought of it evokes images of sunshine, summer, picnics, and other happy memories. Watermelons have a fresh taste, and the smell of watermelons induces a similar freshness.

A 2008 study showed that the crisp fragrance of apples reduced migraines and headaches. Headaches often accompany anxiety and stress. It causes a downward spiral effect of depleted productivity and concentration that increases stress which leads to more headaches. Relief from headaches is a positive step towards reducing stress.


Your sense of smell links to the emotional center of your brain. The power of perfumes lies in those memories and emotional experience the fragrance triggers.  A small whiff of fragrance and your memory is stirred, and you emotionally react to the scent. These positive emotions automatically influence your moods and decrease stress and anxiety.

Wearing perfume with a certain fragrance evokes positive feelings and attitude about yourself. You feel the femininity of being a woman or the masculinity of a man. Perfumes create atmospheres of romance, a happy feeling and a desire for life.

The enjoyment of the perfume’s smell creates an atmosphere where stress cannot survive. Also, the ingredients of various perfumes have a direct impact on the brain to release anti-stress hormones.