5 Things to Consider Before Buying Perfumes

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Perfumes

Fragrances create an enigmatic atmosphere, not just for you, but also for those who will encounter you throughout the day. However, finding the right one is always challenging.

Perfume is more than just fragrances. It is a science; the balancing of different notes. It is the chemistry of different scents extracted from different elements of nature. Perfume has 3 depths when it comes to its notes: top or headnotes, middles or heart notes and the base notes.

  • Top / Head Notes

This is the first fragrance that releases its scent and the usual first impression from the perfume. This is the selling point of perfume makers since this is the primary scent that a perfume exudes.

  • Middle / Heart Notes

This is the fragrance after the top notes slightly dissipate.  This is the body of the fragrance that covers up whatever the unpleasant scent that the top notes leave. The scent from the middle notes is usually rounded and mellow.that lasts for an hour.

  • Base Notes

Together with the middle notes, this is the main theme of the perfume. The base notes solidify the depth of the perfume. It usually has the strongest scent which can last for several hours or even days.

What to Consider When Buying a Perfume?

A bottle of perfume comes with a price. Unless you can afford to buy several bottles in one purchase, then you don’t have to carefully plan on what to buy. But if you are a novice and just started to discover the world of perfume, these are some things you need to consider before buying one.

  • Familiarize With the Perfumery Terms

We all do our research online these days, and one of the most searched items is perfume. Everything you will see on the internet is actual photos and definitions. When you read definitions, such as that for perfume, there are terminologies that are quite difficult to understand.

Terms such as notes, sillage, accord, chypre, and many others are not commonly used either in oral or written form. It would not only be beneficial in understanding what you read but also, you will understand better once you decided to buy in an actual store and get to talk with a salesperson.

  • Skin Chemistry

Not all fragrances will smell the same on different women. Each person releases a distinct scent that can compliment a perfume’s composition. When trying on a perfume, let it sit on your wrist for a few minutes, after the top note dissipates.

Another thing, the perfume will smell differently depending on the cleanliness of the person’s skin. Believe it or not, it makes a world of difference.

  • Unearthing The Notes of Your Choice

If you are already familiar with fragrance and scents, you can already imagine how a perfume will smell like with its description. Taking notes of your favorite scents will always give you an idea of which perfume is most ideal for you.

There are fragrances that have a rich scent such as woody, amber, vanilla. Others are more floral while some are sweet and fruity. The description will provide these notes that might appeal to you and even encourage you to delve into a different spectrum of fragrances.

  • Determine the Perfect Concentration

There are different categories in a perfume. These categories determine the concentration of the actual perfume and the ratio of its other components. Here is the percentage of its concentration.

Parfum = 30 – 50% aromatic compounds

Eau de parfum / Parfum de toilette = 10 – 30% aromatic compounds

Eau de toilette = 5 – 20% aromatic compounds

Eau de Cologne = 2 – 5% aromatic compounds

The higher the concentration, the more expensive the perfume gets. The price range also depends on other components that the fragrance is made up of.

  • Layer Your Scent

Absolutely, perfume already has a layer of scents in one bottle, however, you can still add another layer of scent on your perfume to make it last longer or to create a more unique scent that is you.

To make the perfume last longer, you can layer it with a perfumed lotion with a base that will mix well with the perfume itself. For instance, a vanilla-based lotion compliments a lot of perfume that contains woody, amber or sweet notes. By doing this, it enhances the scent of the perfume and makes it last a little bit longer.

Layering contrasting scents also makes an amazing combination of fragrance. There are colognes available that can boost the notes in a perfume and create a unique aroma that can be your own trademark smell.

Perfume Care Tips

A bottle of perfume is considered a luxury item especially if it comes with a price. It also expires and spoils if it’s not handled properly. At times, the color of the perfume changes from its original color to a yellowish tinge and the smell also changes from pleasant to unpleasant.

Here are some important ways to store your precious bottle of perfume properly:

Store in a cool and dry place – other components of a perfume reacts to heat and humidity. When placed in a place that acquires humidity and exceeds room temperature, it may change the fragrance of the perfume.

Avoid exposure to sunlight – as what mentioned above, the colour of the perfume changes when exposed to direct sunlight. It also affects the scent of the perfume since sunlight can dissolve some of the elements of a perfume.

Keep perfume in its box – this will protect the quality of the bottle and the perfume itself. Storing a perfume in a dark place will always ideal for the preservation of the perfumes longevity.

Avoid shaking the bottle – a perfume contains delicate components that can disrupt if not handled with care. Shaking a bottle of perfume is a no-no because it will spoil the perfume much faster.

A perfume is not just a bottle of fragrance. It is also a bottle of art, chemistry, and history. With this, it gives high value to this small bottle of fragrance. Perfumes are also therapeutic in nature especially if it contains essential oils.

Pick your bottle properly that will leave a great impression on you and to those around you.