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Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

The social media has become the ultimate reference for everything in trend. Glossy magazines and blogs used to be the top of mind reference when it comes to everything fashion, beauty, travel, food and events – what’s hot and what’s not. With the dawn of social media, we learned to follow the trend in a whole new light. And when we say trend, this is directly translated through the number of likes, follows and engagements. We listed down the top Pakistani fashion influencers, why they are influential and how they can motivate you to be a better version of yourself.
Anber Javed @awardrobeaffair

Number of followers as of writing: 134k

Anber’s Instagram account is probably the only fashion lookbook you will ever need – from every day to exclusive events fashion. Not only you will love the feed itself, you will also enjoy checking out her Instagram stories. Anber is a fashion blogger and a celebrity stylist and her travels around the top fashion cities in the world like NYC and Milano shows her style influences.

Saleema Fareshte @karachista1

Number of followers as of writing: 128k

As her bio says, “The fashion insider’s view from Pakistan”, Saleema on Instagram offers first dibs on beauty trends, fashion inspirations, designer clothing, new in the market and she even hosts giveaways. If you are following her equally gorgeous blog, which has up-to-date content about similar subjects, her IG is a treat for those who want a quick browse of what’s fresh and new.

Miss Mulberry @missmulberry

Number of followers as of writing: 79.9k

Miss Mulberry’s account will surely awaken your spirit of wanderlust with all her noteworthy travels. Not only that, she seemed to have mastered travel fashion as she wears the best pieces of clothing wherever she goes. Every girl wishes to have a cool Instagram boyfriend to take their iconic poses but Miss Mulberry got herself an Instagram husband to perfect her themed, three-in-a-row posting on IG. Such a picture perfect couple too!

Mehreen Syed @imehreensyed

Number of followers as of writing: 640k

An international runway icon, that’s how most of us know Mehreen Syed but her Instagram reveals a whole lot more about her. From her frequent trips to the runway, travels, a makeup brand ambassador, to be an ambassador of various causes especially women empowerment, her IG will give you a glimpse of it all. She is such an inspiration, a role model to the youth and a person who is beautiful inside and out.

Saira Hayat Khan @sairahayatkhan

Number of followers as of writing: 37k  

Such an Instagram darling, Saira Hayat Khan has very diverse postings from baby, travel, fashion and beauty. Her different personas on Instagram is such a treat for those who need a day to day me-time and mom-time guide with a lot of mom humor. How does a full-time, breastfeeding mom get pretty like that? Check her out, she’s going to be every mom’s IG best friend.

Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi @alyzehrs

Number of followers as of writing: 42.7k

A peek in the life of a lady boss, who turns out to have a boss baby as well. Alyzeh is a reflection of the mom and the wife in most of us. Her regular Instagram Q&A session is not at all just for the sake of riding the bandwagon, you will definitely pick up a wisdom or two about motherhood, fashion, lifestyle and more. She is a fan of urban chic and street fashion and her style could be used as your OOTD inspirations.

Shay Mirza @shaymirza

Number of followers as of writing: 55.1k

Gaining more than fifty thousand followers on Instagram is no joke. But Shay Mirza probably got more followers because of her humor, aside of course from her eye for fashion and beauty. From the regular makeup tutorials, funny and relatable videos come up her IG on a regular basis to make her a breath of fresh air in the IG scene. She is also your ultimate guide on how to travel in style.

Sadaf Zarrar @siddysays

Number of followers as of writing: 171k

Not every blogger would actually show you how they came up with their reviews, so if you are looking for honest-to-goodness reviews of beauty products @siddysays IG is the right one for you. This famous blog is also well-followed and respected on Instagram and a known source of the freshest information about what’s new in beauty and fashion. You can also get fashion inspirations and aspirations from streetwear to high fashion. It’s also an opportunity to see the hardworking people behind this blog as one of the IG highlights is dedicated to the team activities.

Ania Fawad @aniafawad

Number of followers as of writing: 67.1k

Aside from getting your daily dose of OOTD inspiration, Ania Fawad’s well-curated Instagram is a gem for those who need occasional words of encouragement too. In between the beautiful photos are beautiful words to give you more push to go after your dreams. Ania is a US-based top celebrity stylist who is a fashion icon herself as well. Aside from her posts about styling for famous celebrities like Maya Ali, posts about her personal style are as impeccable.

Zunera Mazhar @zuneraserena

Number of followers as of writing: 333k

A glimpse of modern fashion that taps audiences of all ages. This fashion blogger breathes fashion in all corners of her Instagram feed. Her well-curated feed is not only colorful but very, very tastefully done. Her fashion sense is all over her even when she was still working in the corporate world. You would be surprised when this influencer revealed in an interview that she used to work as a banking executive, an FBI intelligence analyst and has also worked for the immigration under national security.   

After following these fashion influencers and their Instagram activities, we have noticed their one common denominator. They are not just icons in fashion, beauty and travel, they are all role models for the youth. Not only have they become aspirational because of how they carry themselves on social media, but also an inspiration for everyone to be someone who is more than just a pretty face. These influencers have shown their different sides as a friend, a daughter, a mother and a wife – an empowered woman.

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