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Top Reasons Why Pakistani Women Like Luxury Perfume Brands

Top Reasons Why Pakistani Women Like Luxury Perfume Brands

There are certain scents women prefer for daily wear but there are scents, Pakistani women, in particular, prefer for special occasions. Admit it or not, the most lovely and lasting scents are also the most expensive ones. And most of the time, we invest in the most notable and costly perfume not just because of its scent but also of its quality

The history of perfume has come a long way from its earliest records of extraction of scents through the process of distillation in 1200 BC in Mesopotamia, the middle east region of Asia. Not very far away from Pakistan and its culture. Pakistani women are known to be very particular with their sense of fashion and beauty and they do not feel complete without another important yet invisible accessory – perfume. Women in Pakistan and the rest of the world is never fully dressed without her favorite perfume.

Why Pakistani Women like Luxury Perfume Brands?

Whether it is a designer brand or not, the scent of perfume can deliver a bouquet of flowers, lush forest greens, fresh linens, sweet candies and a relaxing tea, all in one. The different aromas in a single perfume give a whole new character and persona to a woman.

Here are the top five reasons why women in Pakistan like to wear branded perfumes:

Fragrances leave a mark on their memories

There is a powerful connection between perfume and memory. People may forget the type of clothes you were wearing when they saw you but they will instantly remember your scent that lingers. Depending on the notes of perfume that you choose, a memory is evoked. For instance, the notes of vanilla, that resemble the smell of pastries in a neighborhood bakeshop, it will remind someone of the homemade pie or bread from their childhood. With that memory, we will look for something of the similar distinct scent and that makes us feel that we are back in our childhood home once again.
We can associate these scents with the people around us as well. There are those who never really change their preference in perfume. Your mother may prefer powdery scents while you would always go for citrus ones.

They feel a strong connection to the brand

For some, the scent comes first, the brand second. But brand loyalty also plays a vital role in women’s choice of perfume. Versace for example, as an established fashion brand, is known for its eclectic designs. They are also known to make fantastic fragrances like Bright Crystal, Yellow Diamond and Crystal Pour Femme with different notes that will match every personality. Women who patronize designer brands will like love and patronize their perfume as well.

The scent lasts really long

Who would want to get a perfume that needs to be sprayed on over and over? Staying power is also a vital consideration in choosing a perfume. Most of the perfumes that last really long are those that have most fragrance oils and essences than alcohol and water. Big brands usually launch Eau de parfum and perfume variants in their fragrance lines. Come to think of it, it might even cost you less if the scent does fade away and you do not need frequent sprays.
The unique scents of luxury perfume brands make them attractive

Whether Pakistani women or not, a scent always has something to do with attraction. Perfumes are recommended to be sprayed on certain areas such as the neck, joints of the arms and some erogenous parts of the body for a very specific reason, pheromones. This is the unique scent that the body emits in the air and if the right perfume notes blends in this scent and a little bit of sweat, the body chemistry alters the scent a little bit making it more pleasing and attractive to the opposite sex. Looking for the best brands of perfume that every lady in Pakistan will surely love to wear and every person would love to smell? Here’s a list of expensive perfumes that are well-loved for their scents, it is worth every rupee:

The Best Perfume that Every Ladies in Pakistan Love to Wear

Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL: With a price tag of Rs. 18,000, this sultry and citrus perfume was among the top perfumes for 3 different years at Allure Reader’s Choice Awards. It envelopes the scents of bergamot, orange and grapefruit and develops a subtler scent of rose, jasmine and vanilla.

Eros Pour Femme by Versace: Costs Rs. 8500, this relatively new in the market perfume makes its way to the top lists with its unique fusion of citrus and woody notes making it an interesting scent that lasts all day long.

Hypnotic Poison by Dior: The ultimate scent that exudes sweet seduction and probably the most romantic scent perfect for romantic occasions, Hypnotic Poison is like a bottle of love potion with its accords of vanilla, almonds and coconut. This warm and mesmerizing scent costs Rs. 11520 per bottle.

Other Perfumes that Pakistani Women loved!

Brit by Burberry
Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein
Omnia Amethyst by Bvlgari
Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo
Pleasures by Estee Lauder

Final Comment

Nowadays, there are a lot of perfume brands that are loved by Pakistani women. It has become a vital part of their daily accessories, although unseen. A perfume can soothe a woman’s mood and others too. Choosing the perfect perfume for you requires your utmost attention to the way your body reacts to the scent and how it makes you feel all the pleasing emotions throughout the day and towards the night. The fragrance of your choice should embody you and should make someone remember you just by smelling it. It might not be on the price tag, after all, it all boils down to the memories and the emotions each unique scent brings out in every person. Choose a perfume that defines you, your warmth, your charisma, your vibe and that makes your perfume, your own.

What scent would you like to be associated with?

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