What is eau de cologne and its use?

What is eau de cologne and its use?

You may have heard of eau de cologne but are not sure what exactly it is. When it comes to eau de cologne, this is typically regarded as having a lighter scent that also does not possess much longevity. This has 2-5% fragrance oils as well as 85-90% alcohol.

Eau de cologne mainly has citrus along with floral notes moreover contains no spicy and heavier woodsy base to carry this for hours. If you want a light scent then eau de cologne should be your choice. It is used when you do not want something heavy.

Eau de cologne is actually a perfume that originated from Cologne, Germany.

What is eau de cologne made of

Eau de cologne was first mixed by someone known as Johann Maria Farina particularly in 1709. After this, it has been used as a generic term for those scented formulations which are in normal concentration of precisely 2-5% and even more depending on its kind essential oils or also a blend consisting of extracts, alcohol, plus water.

Within a base consisting of dilute ethanol (i.e. 70-90%), eau de cologne has a mixture that is of citrus oils as well as oils of lemon, bitter orange, orange, tangerine, blood orange, clementine, grapefruit, bergamot, as well as lime. It also has oils of neroli, tobacco, lavender, oleaster, rosemary, olive, thyme, jasmine, oregano, as well as petitgrain (orange leaf),

Applying eau de cologne and how it can be used

If you have brought some eau de cologne for the first time then you may be wanting to know how to apply this. This perfume coming from these colognes tends to be fresh along with the light. It is not very costly to buy colognes, they tend to be standard-bearing originals, moreover may be tough to find.

You can apply this cologne as you want, but the procedure is different in comparison to perfume preparations which have a stronger scent.

Read on if you want to know how to apply this and when you can use eau de cologne.

Use on your neck and also behind the ears

Do you love using a scent that you can apply on the neck as well as behind the ears? Are these the places that you wish to smell good? If yes then you can use an eau de cologne to do this. Get one whose smell you love and try it out to produce a wonderful smell that can attract.
To do this, start off by shaking only a bit of perfume upon the palm. Rub the hands together quickly. You can then rub this over the neck as well as behind the ears. Breathe deeply like you do, allowing the wonderful fragrance to go into the nose and out the mouth. You can do this when it is actually hot outside and everything seems hot and also sticky.

Use as an underarm deodorant

Are you looking for an underarm deodorant that is not too strong with an annoying smell? Some deodorants really have an annoying smell.

If you feel this way try using a light eau de cologne under your arms and see if you like the effect or not.

You can splash a bit onto the hands and employ this like an underarm deodorant that you may love. It is the alcohol that will kill the odor-causing bacteria. The fragrance will leave you with a fresh and clean scent. If you like this type of smell then consider getting an eau de cologne.

Cool down with an eau de cologne

You may be wondering how is this possible? If you like to remain cool then consider getting an eau de cologne that can be spritzed in such a way to produce a cooling sensation. Try this out and see if you like how it feels.

You can even cool down by spritzing only a small amount of this perfume upon a cotton handkerchief. After this, you can rub it over the forehead, arms, along with the back of neck and even legs.

You can rub it wherever you are feeling warm. You should know that the alcohol will evaporate fast, imparting you with a cooling sensation.

Use on the earlobes and wrists

Do you hate it when you are at a party or somewhere where they are many people and someone’s strong perfume is making the air have an annoying smell? If you do not want to be this person causing the discomfort to try using an eau de cologne.

You can do this by placing only a fingertip particularly against the top of your bottle. Wet it with your cologne. After doing this you can touch the wet finger specifically to your back area of the earlobes as well as the inside place of your wrists.

Doing this will provide you with the lightest touch of amazing fragrance. This will be good for times when you need to be present among some group of people (i.e. where aromas can actually be rather overpowering).

Eau de cologne for babies

You can even get eau de cologne that is made particularly for babies. If you want to get one for your baby then be sure that it is made for babies. Check the ingredients as well to be sure that it does not have anything that is very harmful. You can find ones that have a soft as well as sweet scent.

This can be good to refresh, perfume and pamper your baby’s hair, skin and clothes daily. The one that you buy should be suitable for sensible and delicate skin that babies have.

You can also find ones that are alcohol-free for your baby. Just be sure that the eau de cologne is safe for babies. Try a bit and if it produces a negative impact then stop using it on the baby.

If you are trying out eau de cologne for the first time or considering getting one, then you may like this if you are into fragrances that are light. You can buy a small quantity first to see if you like it. .

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