What is the difference between eau de toilette and perfume?

You may be confused and don’t know what the difference between perfume and eau de toilette is. You may actually be thinking that these are all names for scents. If you want to know what difference is present then continue reading on.

All about perfume

Let us start by talking about the word “perfume.” This comes from the Latin phrase per meaning through and fumare that means smoke. Therefore it is not shocking that this subject tends to be a bit hazy.

When the weather is good you may be finding yourself looking for a scent that is slightly lighter in comparison to the scent that you employ when it is the colder months.
Every perfume house employs their own terminology as well as categories so as to classify their perfumes and that according to the specific concentration of essences present or aromatic oils that they have. Nevertheless, the following must provide you with some general idea of exactly what you are purchasing.

To figure out the difference present between the names of different scents let us look at the different types that are present.

Eau de Cologne

Starting off with eau de cologne, you may have heard of this or seen some bottle present in a shop. When considering concentration, eau de cologne tends to be at the bottom area of the range. This has around 7% essence that is dissolved in alcohol particularly of 60° or 70°.

If you are looking for some scent to put on when it is hot then you will find out that eau de cologne is wonderfully refreshing when the hot weather is present. You need to know that it does not stay for long, therefore you can often apply it directly onto your skin.

Eau de cologne tends to be sold in large sizes particularly up to 200 ml. Spray usually applies it. Now you know what exactly an eau de cologne is. If you are looking for something light like this then you can consider getting one for yourself.

Eau de toilette

This is sometimes employed so as to state the same concentration as cologne, and eau de toilette can have up to about 10% aromatic essence.

Remember that the top notes, this is the first scent that is given off by your perfume, are dominant, allowing it to be refreshing when it gets applied. It also evaporates as well as fades away rather fast.

Eau de toilette, as well as cologne, tend to be the most popular forms that fragrance is sold. They are particularly good when it is the summer and you just want something that will not make you feel hotter than it already is outside.

Eau de parfum

You may have also heard of this or seen some at a shop. After the scents top notes have gone, it is the middle notes or even heart notes of your perfume that become noticeable. When it comes to eau de parfum, this is the focus.

This makes it good to spray on hair and clothing. You need to be careful when it comes to delicate fabrics like silk, because they may stain.

With eau de parfum, you should know that the concentration of oils tends to be more than 15%, and sometimes it can even go as high as 20%. Due to the point that it is less intense in comparison to perfume extract, eau de parfum is even cheaper, it often lasts well moreover is sold in sizes that are small.


Looking at perfume again, this is also known as perfume extract or also extrait. It tends to be the most costly version of any fragrance. You may find it really beautiful as well due to the whole symphony consisting of top, heart as well as base notes that are given off over time.

This is actually because of the high concentration present of essences, this can be as much as 40% specifically by volume.

When it comes to perfume, this gets applied directly on your skin on pulse spots. This can include insides of your wrists, behind your ears, and even at your throat.

Looking at the average concentration specifically of essence within a perfume, this is 25%. This allows it to be the longest lasting when it comes to all the scent categories.

If you are looking for something long lasting then you will want to consider this. You only require a tiny amount. This is reflected within the sizes that it is actually sold in.

What then is the difference between eau de toilette and perfume

After reading the above we can see that the differences between eau de toilette and perfume are:

  •    The time it lasts for- When it comes to eau de toilette, its scent evaporates and also fades away rather quickly whereas perfume tends to last for much time. Therefore you can now select the one you want depending on how much time you want its scent to last for.
  •    The concentration of essence- Eau de toilette can have up to about 10% amazing aromatic essence whilst perfume’s average concentration of essence is 25% allowing its scent to last for more time.
  •    The scents that are dominant- When it comes to eau de toilette, it is the top notes that are dominant. With perfume, it is the top, heart along with base notes that are released over time.
  •    The cost- Perfume tends to be the most expensive one of all the different types present.

You now know the difference present between the names of the different scents that you see in shops. There are some differences present and it is a good idea that you know of these so that you can buy the one that will suit your own personal needs.

You can try out the different ones and see which one you like. You definitely will want to get a scent that will not annoy you and others..

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