What to do with the expired perfume

What to do with the expired perfume

Your perfume has gone off and you are feeling like a total waste of money? Stop worrying as there are a lot of ways through which you can make your expired perfume useful and I have come with some useful tips that will make the expired perfume useful for you in some other ways. Don’t throw your favorite perfume away after the expiry date, rather use it in the following ways.

Remove your nail paint

The alcohol in perfume makes it very useful for removing nail polish, it causes the molecules in nail polish to lose its color and come off easily. If you’re out of nail polish remover, simply apply a little expired perfume over the nail paint and remove it with the help of a cotton ball.

Clean the keyboards

Expired perfumes can also be used to clean keyboards efficiently thanks to the presence of alcohol as well. The alcohol effectively removes the dirt accumulated between the keys and edges and can work just as well as a keyboard cleaner solution.

Clean the mirrors

Notice your mirror looking a little dirty? Grab an expired perfume with high alcohol content, spray a little of it on the mirror, and then clean it with a damp, soft towel. The expired perfume can effectively clean your mirror without leaving any stains or streaks behind and is a better (and arguably safer!) option than glass cleaners and bleach.

Room spray

Some expired perfumes do not change the smell, but they are harmful if sprayed over the body. Use the expired perfumes as a room spray to keep your rooms smelling fresh always. Although it does not last for long hours, they can last up to 6 hours which is one of the amazing uses of expired perfumes.


You can spray perfume on the shoes and then wear them. This will help to control the pungent smell from releasing out. Also, if you don’t experience a stinky feet problem, you can always keep your sandals smelling fresh by using this technique.

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