Wholesale means buying products from us in bulk with a special discounted price and you sell it in your online / offline store with a higher retail price.

Of course, we’re registered company in  under Registration of Business Act 1956 (Act 197). Besides, we have started our venture in year 2009, which make us a very stable and mature company with atleast 11 years of experiences in this industry

100 products in an order is considered to be wholesaling. You can mix with different categories , and even product categories!

Yes, of course! You will get discount from us when your purchasing from us and you can set any reselling price that you want. You can decide your own profit margin that you think fit.

Yes, we have authorized dealer of all these famous brands. The products you receive will 100% original otherwise you can clam and get 100% return back if you get any replica product.

No doubt! We will always provide free support to our wholesalers and it is our pleasure to assist you in your success

Yes, of course! We are not monopoly in the market so you always stand a chance in winning your own customers in the market. You may rebranding, or sell the products in a different channel so that you can reach the customers that we did not reach.

Sure, we support shipping worldwide

please contact us by Email   [email protected] or WhatsApp  +92 3331922248 to let us know that you wanted to be part of our wholesaling family! We will update your member level & order discount in 24 hours. 🙂