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How To Differentiate Original And Fake Perfume?

How To Differentiate Original And Fake Perfume

These days, a new level of fake fragrance has entered the market. usually called ‘GRade A or GRed AA’ fragrance. These GRed AA perfumes have virtually everything it takes to be known as ‘Original perfume’.

The packaging, bottle, and scent are virtually very similar. however after all, if it falls beneath the “fake” class, it will never beat the long-lasting scent that the original designer fragrance has. I feel most fragrance lovers will identify if the fragrance they bought is original or faux.

How we as the consumers can identify the perfume sold is original or fake:

1. The Packaging

They misspelled the fragrance name on the box. however, will an exclusive designer perfume house accidentally misspell their own complete or product? Not A Chance! remember designer perfumes square measure luxury things, this type of mistake can ne’er happen.

The wrapping isn’t perfect! Original fragrance should have its plastic wrap wrapped neatly around the box.

What about My perfume shop Tester Perfume?

We import our tester perfumes in price effective packaging (plain white or brown boxes or without box and bundled as loose item – perhaps no lid). we can save loads on import duty by doing this.

Therefore if we tend to manage to save lots of on the duty, we are able to provide you with a cheaper worth to enjoy our perfumes. that is up to four-hundredth Below Retail worth for the precise same product. I bet you are interested in that tester fragrance now!

Is it the exact same product?

Yes, it’s the exact same product, as without testers designer homes cannot promote their merchandise, therefore, it’s 100 pc guaranteed Authentic fragrance. It is sealed in our warehouse and unused.

Are they the same quality & smell?

often a fragrance can solely mature on your skin when half-hour and up to one hour. Yes, they are completely constant and of constant concentrate.

Why do testers come in a brown and white box or unboxed?

It is usually the cheapest package to use, the merchandise isn’t meant to be oversubscribed. thence the planning of the box and sticker displaying tester.

Can I get testers from My fragrance Shop?

Yes, we have the most important tester assortment in Africa, often you may have saved up to five hundredths off the same fragrance in a retail show box.

Is it legal to shop for and sell fragrance testers?

Yes, provided that the vendor informs the buyer that it’s a tester and sold as a tester.Men’s Tester fragrance

2. The Bottles

You should always look into the country of origin at the bottom of the plastic stickers or to a lower place the bottles (eg: created in France, created within the USA). Note that most fake fragrances won’t place the country of origin.

But, you must still be terribly cautious, these guys get smarter by the day! I have seen some GRed AA fragrance also print country of origins below the bottles. however don’t worry, there are still few ways to check if the fragrance is original. Continue reading…

The original fragrance can have high-quality bottles, you’ll understand this by the sleek and fine surface whereas pretend fragrance could be a bit rough and contoured. The brand printed on the bottle is often embossed and can’t be erased simply.

The cap of the first perfume ought to work snugly and stay in situ if you flip the bottle upside down. Most of fakes perfume’s caps don’t work nicely onto its bottle. you may notice this by making an attempt to open and shut the bottle cap.

3. The Content

Some folks can tell you to shake the bottle to see if the fragrance is original. What ought to we tend to really see? OK, for original fragrance, the bubbles that appear once you shake the bottle should disappear in an exceeding span of roughly 10-15 seconds. However, fake perfume’s bubbles can immediately disappear when you shake it.The color ought to be consistent. If you’re a rock-ribbed fan of sure fragrance, you must understand its original color.

4. The scent

The original fragrance can have 3 layers: high notes, middle notes, and base notes. That’s why you’ll smell the fragrance otherwise once you initial pray it, later you may smell the center notes and finally, you’ll smell the bottom notes. However, fake fragrance could smell familiar, however, have a flat, one-dimensional quality to them like they’re missing a complete layer of notes.Original fragrance ought to last at least 2-3 hour or a lot of once you wear it. Fakes can only last but one hour.Original fragrance ought to last quite twenty-four hours once sprayed on paper (EDP), whereas EDT can last at least twenty four hours.


It’s becoming more and more than hard to differentiate between original and “fake” perfumes. take care to invariably assay and stick with the rules during this article. I hope I even have provided you with enough info for you to survive the nice pretend fragrance battle.


If they’re marketing original fragrance, they should be assured within the fragrance they sell. simply imagine a fake perfume-seller having a come policy.

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