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How to Make Your Own Perfume With Essential Oils

How to Make Your Own Perfume With Essential Oils

You may be one of those people who think that perfumes sold in stores tend to be too strong. If you are worried about what gets put into these perfumes, it is possible to make your own perfume using essential oils. These have health benefits and also smell pleasant. You can even enjoy yourself whilst making this perfume.

If you are interested in making your own natural perfume then continue reading on.

What you will need

Start off by getting the following things. If you do not have them you can go and buy them. This includes:

  • An old perfume bottle
  • Some jojoba oil
  • The necessary essential oils
  • Vitamin E capsule

Instructions on how to make the perfume

Step 1- Start by cleaning out the old perfume bottle. You can even buy a bottle if you want, but remember the bottle should be such that it will keep your perfume safe from environmental and other impacts. Therefore you can select a bottle that has a dark color for instance. You can even use some small jar if you want, like a baby food jar for instance.

Step 2- After you have gotten a bottle you can begin making your perfume by selecting a carrier oil that you want to add to your perfume bottle. You can try out jojoba oil for this. If you want you can even use something else like vegetable oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil. The choice is yours. Add around 3 ounces of your carrier oil to the bottle.

Step 3- After you have done this you can then drip in some base essential oil. The choice is yours which one to select. You can experiment and see which one’s smell you like better. You can select cinnamon, myrrh, jasmine, vanilla, cedarwood, or even rose, and clove essential oil. Choose the one that you prefer. Use around 15 drops of this base essential oil that you have selected.

Step 4- Select a middle note amazing essential oil now. This comes next. You can add about 15 drops consisting of essential oil like chamomile, cypress, geranium, lavender, pine, nutmeg, rosemary, or even ylang-ylang, or bay essential oil. Once again choose the one that you like.

Step 5- It is the top note that is the final essential oil required to make the perfume. Once again add around 15 drops of this to the perfume bottle. Ideas for top note essential oils are eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, sage, spearmint, grapefruit, plus peppermint, or orange essential oil.

Step 6- A fixative is now required. This is needed so as to keep the perfume in lasting longer than simply a few days. You can stick some small pin into your vitamin E capsule then squeeze its contents within the perfume bottle. Vitamin E claims to be good for the skin, therefore, it is something that you can consider.

Step 7- Put the lid on the perfume bottle then shake it properly to combine all the ingredients together.

Step 8- You can now set your perfume aside. Do this in some cool dark room. This should be done for 2 weeks. If you do this, you will let the essential oils have time to blend allowing you to receive a stronger scent which will stay for more time.

Therefore be patient and allow this to happen. Remember that the essential oils you have added may change their smell and some that you thought smelt good may not do so anymore. Therefore experiment and learn from your mistakes instead of becoming annoyed with them.

A perfume that is made using essential oils may begin smelling wonderful immediately, nevertheless as time passes the scents may actually combine to something which does not smell appealing.

Therefore letting the perfume remain sitting for some time will let you have a better idea of the resultant combined scents’ smell for most of your perfume’s life.

If you decide to experiment and make a few bottles of perfume at one time, you can add a sticky label upon the perfume bottle. Give it some name as this will let you remember what scent you put inside the bottle. Experiment and have fun with this activity. You can end up creating a wonderful and unique perfume.

Experiment with different combinations

As said above try some different combinations specifically of base, middle, as well as top notes till you get a combination which you like.

Remember that top notes actually evaporate quicker in comparison to middle along with base notes. Middle notes evaporate slightly more quickly in comparison to the base notes.

Also, try adding some few drops less of some essential oil and few drops more of any other that you like. This is a good way to experiment so that you can get a wonderful smelling perfume.

The order of oils is important

The order is something that is important and you will have to follow this. Begin with the base oil, after this you will have the middle tones, and lastly the top notes. Keep in mind that the top note is the thing that is smelt first at the time that you smell the perfume.

After this, gradually you will be able to smell others. It is very important that you add your oils in the above-stated order.

You now have some idea of how to make an unusual and unique perfume using essential oils. You will not be worried that there are dangerous chemicals in the perfume, which can be present in some perfume sold in the market. You will have to be patient when making this perfume and remember that it takes time.

Enjoy experimenting with different essential oils, but follow the above order. You can end up having a perfume that others will also love.

You will also know of the different ingredients present in the perfume. You can even give this unique perfume to your friend as a gift. .

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