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Top 6 Perfume Industry Blogs to Follow

Top 6 Perfume Industry Blogs to Follow

Fragrances are complex mixtures of what people within the industry refer to as raw materials. These raw materials are often extracted from natural sources or artificial raw materials.

Oils are dissolved in a very solvent (usual alcohol), to preserve a nice concoction of scents. the upper the concentration of oils – the larger the strength of the fragrance. The strength determines however long an application of the fragrance lasts on your skin.


The fragrance world also classifies perfumes into scent families. The classes exist as a result of critics and designers use the terms. There are no groupings that everybody agrees on, nor any rule about categorization on the far side common sense and a fragrance happiness if it smells like the last fragrance in the class.

Best All-Around Perfume and Scent Blogs

Bois de Jasmin isn’t only a fragrance blog. It also explores other lifestyle topics as well as beauty, art, and food. This blog’s author, journalist and photographer Victoria Frolova, has been authoring the diary since 2005, however, has more years of experience as a professionally trained fragrance specialist and fragrance industry analyst.

Her interests are eclectic and may not specifically tie into the fragrance industry, however, are reticular. One week, she’ll explore building a fragrance wardrobe, and the next can offer product reviews, followed by an instruction. She also boasts a large following and counts The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and Vogue as fans.

Fragrantica could be a massive website that’s arguably one in all the premier perfumery sites available. the quantity of data is culled from each on-line sources and contributions from Fragrantica print magazine.

The site talks about trends, creating it valuable for perfumers and scent businesses. There’s information about perfumes each past and gift, and user will discuss it all among the large online community. this can be THE place to be if you love all things fragrance.

Best Vintage Perfume Blog

Perfume could be a treasure trove of information for those who love the vintage fragrance. Anyone who has frolicked as a baby playing with their grandmother’s atomizers and spritzing herself with Chanel No. five is likely to be a follower of.

The author has reviewed many perfumes, together with older, 1920s scents like Arpege by Lanvin and Shalimar by Guerlain, however also those in later years, like 1975’s Halston. every review breaks down the scent to speak about high notes, heart notes, and base notes.

Best Perfume Sites for Beginners

If you would like to start out carrying cologne, however, need some facilitate, you should visit Cologne Masters. they need a Cologne 101 Beginners sections, a Getting Started Guide, and even an editorial on the way to Wear Cologne. There’s also some aesthetics enclosed, like the article,

“The top Coolest looking Fragrance Bottles.” This website has thought of everything, and it’s conjointly a good resource for people that wish to shop for a lover or friend a fragrance, however, don’t understand wherever to begin. after studying this site, you’ll never be afraid to pick out a cologne again.

If you’re looking for a particular fragrance or scent supported your love of floral or wood, then fragrance Posse’s award-winning weblog is for you. Product label should be very attractive.


If you’re planning to browse only one fragrance weblog, make it this one. run by the beautiful Victoria, Bois American state Jasmin is an associate aromatic feast for all lovers of fragrance, food, and other sensory pleasures. Perfumes and smells are very tough to describe, however, Victoria, UN agency trained in perfumery, makes them come alive, perfectly and accurately capturing the notes they contain and the emotions they convey.

once reading her reviews, you’ll feel like you’re holding the bottle in your hand and smelling the fragrance yourself. She also discusses fragrance materials and shares food and DIY cooking recipes. when reading her weblog, you’ll become aware of however fragrances enhance our lives, even when eating or walking down the street.


Elena could be a girl with a mission. Her aim in creating fragrance Shrine is to “to provide an Epicurean resource for anyone interested in scent, flavor and the arts” and independent, unbiased reviews.

Elena contains a deep and encyclopedic information about fragrance. In her journal, she shares fragrance tips and trends, writes engaging essays on fragrance materials, and explores both the science and history of fragrance. It’s a must-read for any perfume.


Don’t let the name fool you. The Candy fragrance Boy doesn’t just cover sickly-sweet, gourmand scents. Instead, the diary “chronicles one boy’s obsession with fragrance and every one thing funky.” Thomas writes concerning perfume in a recent and interesting way that may appeal to each perfume and novices alike.

He describes perfumes, be they an ordinary designer scent or a loud and heady concoction, in a such a fine looking and vivid method that may cause you to need to do them right now. But, if he doesn’t like something, he’s not afraid of saying so either.


Love vintage perfumes? Then, this journal is for you. Barbara started sign vintage perfumes a few years ago and created Yesterday’s fragrance to share her passion with all fellow vintage perfumes.

Enriched with beautiful vintage ads, her reviews are vividly and beautifully written, dead capturing the scents of the past. Afterward, you won’t be ready to resist the urge to trace them down! and, she also explores the language of fragrance and also the advanced ways we enjoy it.


The Scented Salamander mixes fragrance, art, and history. In her throughout reviews, Chantal-Helene doesn’t simply fragrance.

Puts them in their historical and cultural themes. however, don’t think that’s boring. Her reviews are engaging and abusive, full of fascinating details. Afterward, you’ll be left with a new-found appreciation for perfumes.

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