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What is the difference between spray and perfume?


Some people may get confused when they see a spray and a perfume, wondering what exactly the difference between these two is? Body sprays, as well as perfumes, tend to be pointing to a similar thing generally, i.e., they both give fragrances. Nevertheless, they still have different names because this is based upon the concentration of oil present in it.Therefore the main thing in all fragrances is the level or composition of oil that is mixed with water as well as alcohol.When it comes to the perfume, this generally comes within various categories and that based upon the concentration of oil that is present.
You can, for instance, find Perfume (Parfum), and Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau Fraiche, Eau de Toilette (EDT), along with Eau de Cologne (EDC). You may have seen the names of these at shops.

Why do people buy spray and perfume?

Men along with women are interested in buying a fragrance that will let them smell good throughout the day.

We all wish to remain fresh and even cool during the day. No one likes to smell horrible when they are out, therefore we use different perfumes as well as body sprays to counter this.

Some people misunderstand perfume and even body spray thinking that they are the same thing. They think that there is no difference present between them. This is wrong because perfume and body spray tend to be different.

What is the difference between perfume plus body spray

Some differences are present between perfume as well as body spray that you should know about so that you can make the correct decision when going to buy a fragrance. Read on to find out more.

The composition of perfume and body spray

Let us start by looking at the difference in composition between the two.

When it comes to perfumes, these tend to be a mixture composed of various aromatic extracts as well as oils which provide pleasant odors. Looking at a body spray, this is simply a milder form, particularly of perfume.

When looking at body spray, this tends to be a mixture consisting of water as well as alcohol along with some various extracts.

Perfumes have higher amounts consisting of aromatic extracts and even oils while a body spray has only a lesser amount. Therefore from this, you can tell that a perfume is stronger than a body spray.

If you are looking for something stronger than you must prefer to get a perfume instead of a body spray. If you need something lighter than a body spray is something that you will want.

Where to apply

There is also a difference present when it comes to the places to apply a body spray and a perfume.

If you have a body spray you can use this upon various body parts similar to a deodorant. Perfume tends to not be used upon the body. They are sprayed onto the cloth.

If you like to spray the fragrance on your body then you will be looking for a body spray. You need to be careful when getting one because there are many chemicals present in sprays some which are harmful. You need to look for the one that has good ingredients.

How long the odor lasts for

This is another important difference that is present. It is necessary to know this so that you can get the one that will last according to your requirements. Duration of odor is also something that is very important.

A body spray tends to not stay on longer in comparison to a perfume. They also wane at a quicker rate. Therefore if you use body spray then you will need to employ it at multiple intervals.

This can affect your decision on whether to get a spray or a perfume. If you do not find it disturbing to apply it after some intervals then you will not be worried to get a body spray.

How much they cost

Cost is another important factor when it comes to perfume and body spray. There is a difference present between both of these. Perfumes tend to be more expensive in comparison to body sprays.

This will influence whether you will prefer to buy a perfume or a body spray. Perfumes are therefore mostly given as gifts. They look good and are also costly.

Concentrated differences

The body sprays which tend to be more like scented alcohol tend to be less concentrated as well as lighter. Perfumes are highly concentrated that gives out a wonderful smell in comparison to body sprays.

Perfumes are stronger as well as heavier in comparison to body sprays. Because perfumes are highly concentrated along with heavy, they tend to stay on for longer.

A summary of the differences

  1.    Perfumes tend to be a mixture consisting of different aromatic extracts as well as oils which produces pleasant odors. When it comes to body sprays, these are actually a mixture consisting of water as well as alcohol plus various extracts.
  2. A body spray is simply a milder type of the perfume.
  3.    You can use body spray on different parts of the body, but perfumes tend to not be used on one’s body. They get sprayed on the cloth.
  4.    You will see that perfumes are costlier in comparison to body sprays.
  5.    Perfumes have higher amounts consisting of aromatic extracts along with oils, whilst a body spray has a lesser amount.
  6. A body spray will remain for less time than a perfume, they even wane at a quicker rate.

You now have some idea about the differences present between a body spray and a perfume. You can now make the correct decision and choose the one that will be the best suited to your needs.

Both are fragrances no doubt, but still, have the above differences present between them. Therefore they both have different names as well. Now when you go to a shop you will know the differences present between the two.  

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