best perfume to your father on this father’s day

Send the best perfume to your father on this father’s day

Father’ day is just coming on the 21st of June 2020. If you are planning to gift your father, your teacher who is just like a father to you, or some elderly person to whom you pay respect just like the way you pay respect to your father, but are not able to decide what to gift him.

You need not get panic as I have come up with the amazing solution to the problem of “what to give your father this Father’ day”. What about gifting the hero of your life with something that brings a very positive and pleasant effect on his life. What can bring more change in the attitude and mood of a person more than a fragrance?

If your father is just a traditional one, he would surely not like the very idea of yours to spend money on him. He would wish from you to be a little thrifty about him and would love to see your money on yourself. This selflessness is the part of fatherly nature. But, this doesn’t mean that you should not gift him. You should surely gift him as getting a gift would make him feel his worth in your life. I am listing down some perfumes that fall under some particular price range, so you can choose the best perfume for you father according to your budget.

1: Najdia

Is your father one of the kind that goes with the beat of their own heart, the one who don’t bother to search for happiness instead has the ability to create happiness not only for himself but for all the people who belong to them. It is enriched with the fresh citrusy fragrant with the blend of cedar wood scent.

2: Pure Oudi

If your father is a lively man with energetic life. He would surely like some fresh, energetic and citrusy fragrance that helps in adding innovation to his mood. Pure oudi fits the bill handsomely. This contains the notes of agar wood, sandal wood, amber wood, cedar wood, blended with the note of vanilla, cinnamon, and jasmine. It last for long hours after application.

3: Oud Mood

Your father will surely love it at first sniff. It is neither too heavy nor subtle. Your father can mix with any other fragrance, it just makes other perfumes more unique. It contains the notes of saffron, rose, amber and floral scent. It smells sweet. It is the kind of smell about what people are going to ask your father that which smell he is wearing. If your father is a calm personality, he is surely going to love this.

4: Ejazi

If your father is a sort of some passionate and confident personality eager to explore the world. Which fragrance could match his personality more than Ejazi? It contains crisp fresh citrusy smell with cardamom and lavender scent with the heart note of Pepper, Saffron, and cinnamon. It is woody aromatic and contains the dry notes of Amber and Cedarwood. It has a lighter but long lasting scent.

5: Legend Brown

This fragrance comes up with the citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit and orange with the blend of teak wood, lavender, musk, and oakmoss. It gives afresh and soothing feel. This is the kind of perfume about which strangers are going to make compliments once your father wears this.

6: Tres Nuit

For the kind of father who takes pleasure in simple things. like if he loves to do gardening and making new dishes, exotic perfumes have been introduced for this father’s day. The fragrance is fresh green. It has come up with the crisp and citrus scent of lemon and Verbena blended with the Lavender and spicy notes and contains the refreshment of ambergris and sandalwood. It is famous for its longevity.

7: Tag Him

This smell is youthfully warm, unique, attractive, and refreshing. It is woody and spicy. Its top notes are citrusy, heart notes are ginger, and mint and base note contain cedar and sandalwood smell. If you gift this to your father, you are going to see this in your father’s collection for years to come as he is surely going to like this. In the time of 2020 lock-down, it proves a good companion.

8: Epic Adventure Brown

If your father loves to travel around the world and always ready with his backpack, he is surely going to add Epic adventure brown to his traveling bag just the way he won’t forget to take his toothbrush with him. This fragrance has come up with a combination of fruity, citrusy, and woodsy scents like amber, oak, moss, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, and cedarwood. This is surely going to be the part of your Father’s everyday life once you gift him on this Father’s Day.

9: Genesis Men

If your father is some nautical person easily drawn to water. He will surely love the Genesis Men fragrance. It is an aromatic masculine perfume. It is a mixture of essential aromatic oil and solvents. It contains the notes of lemon, lavender, apple, rosemary, amber wood, musk, and sandal.

10: Club de nuit intense Men

It contains the freshness of green apple and pine-apple intensified by the citrusy smell of lemon, and blackcurrant, with jasmine, rose, and birch as middle notes. The base notes are Vanilla, Ambergris, Musk, and Patchouli. This is preferred for its aroma that lasts for about 8 to 9 hours a day. Your father can wear it all round the year. If your father is an energetic person who loves to go to the gym, this would be a perfect choice and I am hopeful that it would occupy the place of his signature scent.

So, which fragrance are you going to pick up too surprise your father on this father’s day with something that is going to add pleasant effects to his everyday life.

Are perfumes effective against coronavirus?

Are perfumes effective against coronavirus?

Governments worldwide and society in common are trying to fight against COVID-19 and learning how to limit its spread. 

Hands are one of the main causes through which viruses can transfer from one person to the other. The most important thing you should do to protect yourself against this pandemic is to clean your hands. Because hands are the connecting piece, you can’t stop touching things or you can’t control who else touch it. But the thing you can do is to look after you own hands. Avoid touching contaminated surfaces, wash your hands properly with soap and water, use a clean paper towel and disinfect yourself and your surroundings every day.

So if you want yourself to be safe then wash your hand thoroughly with hand wash and soaps for at least 20 seconds. But if it’s not possible that you’re at a place where water and hand wash are not available then using hand-sanitizer is a perfect choice.

As we all know that the stores are running out of hand-sanitizers and people trying to make their own hand sanitizers using alcohol. But making your own hand sanitizers may not be suitable as it is difficult to ensure that you have the right formulation. It may not include enough alcohol to kill bacteria or viruses or maybe too strong and cause damage to your skin. So despite mixing it yourself isn’t it more suitable if you use fragrances that can be as safe and effective as hand sanitizers.

We came up with an idea, it may sound pretty strange that how perfumes help to kill coronavirus.

Okay, let me elaborate it, as experts are saying that solutions which contain at least 70% alcohol are effective to protect you from the coronavirus. And as we all know that perfumes contain alcohol in access amount so it is effective in keeping hands clean and thus lessen the risk of COVID-19.

Isn’t it a great idea to use fragrances or perfumes as a substitute for hand sanitizers?

Although spraying on perfumes is not an appropriate solution to stop or prevent coronavirus. Of course, the best thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and water. But when you’re not finding a way to wash them and as hand sanitizers are expensive and also running out of stock so you can use perfumes as a substitute.

Whenever we need to ho outside it is very important to have an alcoholic solution with us and rub hands with it frequently. While

we are discussing the alternative to hand sanitizers, most perfumes have at least 80% alcohol content in it. Also, the ingredients in perfumes come from regulated manufacturers. Although perfumes are not cleaning material, but in this hour of need it can be used as a substitute when no hand-sanitizers are available.

Perfumes can be sprayed on the palm and fingers and rubbed in for a few seconds.

Note: It is very crucial to understand that some perfumes are not friendly so you’ve to use it after knowing all the ingredients and cautions.

Reasons You Should Use Perfumes Daily?

Reasons You Should Use Perfumes Daily?

In line with new studies best, we can pick an appropriate fragrance

We’re interested in the odor of human beings who have a unique immune machine, say scientists
On the proper aroma: Scientists say best we can select the scent that works great with our herbal odor

On the appropriate fragrance: Scientists say only we can choose the perfume that works best with our very own herbal scent

Scientists have observed why we all have so much problem buying an appropriate perfume for a love-one.

According to new studies, we are all attracted to perfumes that complement our herbal smells, making it near not possible to second-wager the proper scent for a companion.

Findings to be presented at a convention in London the following week show that once human beings chose their very own fragrance, they come to be plenty extra attractive to the opposite sex.

Dr. Jan Havlicek, a smells professional primarily based at Charles University in Prague, says that perfume is not often selected to mask our herbal frame odor and instead we all chose the fragrance which works pleasantly with our scent.

He instructed the Sunday Telegraph:
‘Human beings used perfumes for lots of years and the winning view has been that this was to mask our natural body odor to make us scent greater attractive.

‘In fact, what we’ve got determined is there may be a strong man or woman interaction between perfume and body odor. Human beings select fragrances to supplement theirs. It might be why buying perfume as a gift is so difficult and why they end up lying in the restroom not being used.’

Right here be aliens? New signs point to a billion planets in our very own galaxy in which extraterrestrials might be…


As a part of Dr. Havlicek’s study, 12 volunteers had been requested to spray perfume they’d selected into certainly one of their armpits and another fragrance that was randomly chosen for them into the opposite armpit. Swabs have been taken from each, and a panel of 21 girls then asked to price the results. The girls always discovered the scent more attractive while the perfume has been selected by way of the character themselves.

The consequences could be offered using Dr. Havlicek on the common perfume affiliation convention next week.

Fragrant: Perfumes like Chanel No five decorate our herbal smells, consistent with new research

Aromatic: Perfumes like Chanel No five decorate our very own natural scents, in step with further studies

Professor Tim Jacob, a smell and flavor professional at Cardiff college, will tell the conference that our immune systems affect our preference of fragrances.

He says we are interested in the odor of humans who have a distinct immune gadget to ourselves. ‘This makes experience from an organic factor of view as it has apparent benefits for our kids who could inherit a combination of each immune structures,’ he explained.

‘There may be the statistical correlation that suggests there’s a link among our immunotype and our fragrance preference. It appears which you chose the perfume that displays your free device.’

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Give Perfume As a Birthday Gift

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Give Perfume As a Birthday Gift

We all struggle every now and then when it comes to searching for that perfect birthday gift. Whether it be your special someone, your colleague, your family or even your closest friend. This dilemma is not that difficult to figure out. The solution to this problem; get that person a bottle of his or her favorite scent.

Fragrance is one of the most classic gifts you can give to anyone on any occasion. It encapsulates the individual’s personality and character, be it a fragrance for every season or a signature scent. With this said, do not hesitate to gift a bottle of perfume to people you know or close to you.

What’s In a Bottle

Let’s be honest, we all are enamored by lovely and lushous scents and fragrances. SImply put, we are not just visual beings but we are also olfactory. Certain smell and aroma is connected to our memories. Certain fragrances are associated with a person, memory, situation and also seasons.

A bottle of perfume comes in different intensity of fragrances. Perfume concentration differs which determines the cost of a bottle.

Percentage of aromatic compound

  • Perfume extract: 20%-50%
  • Eau de parfum/Parfum de toilette: 10-30%
  • Eau de toilette: 5-20%
  • Eau de cologne:  2-5%

Aside from concentration there are the notes as well. There are three categories of notes which determines the outcome of a perfume; from the first few minutes to a few hours all the way to its last stretch.These notes are the fragrances enveloped in the bottle. Here are those notes:

  • Top or Head notes
  • Middle or Heart notes
  • Base notes

Top Notes are the first fragrances released when sprayed. It stays on the skin for a few minutes and then dissipates. It gives the first impression of the perfume which is commonly the selling point of the fragrance. Head notes are usually citrusy and spicy which normally last several minutes.

Middle Notes, this is the emitted scent after the top notes disappear. The middle notes are more rounded and mellow to the nose with the usual fragrance of lavender, jasmine, and rose — basically the delicate floral scent. This usually lasts for several minutes to an hour.

Base Notes

are the fragrances that solidifies the whole perfume. It ties very well with the middle note which enhances the scent even more. Base notes have the heaviest fragrances such as vanilla, amber, sandalwood, musk, etc. These deep and rich scents can overpower or blend with all of the other fragrances of the perfume. It is the one that ties up the perfume into one. Depending on the character of the perfume, the base notes allow the perfume to last from 4 hours to several days.

The drydown is the process wherein all the fragrances come out as one. Since the smell of the fragrances change in an hour or so, drydown will determine how well the perfume blends in with the person’s skin chemistry. Perfumers also add aromatic components, or fixatives, to establish the longevity of the perfume.

10 Reasons Why You Should Give A Perfume as a Birthday Gift

  • First Impressions

First impressions are very important especially when presenting a gift to an acquaintance. Studies have actually shown that there are only seven seconds to make a strong impression with someone that you barely know. So better get something unique rather than an old mug that will probably be hidden at the back of the cupboard.

  • “Close To My Heart”

A bottle of a loved one or a close friend’s favorite scent is one of the most endearing gifts you can gift. It will be a meaningful present especially if they collect different types of scents and perfumes.

  • Tailor-Made Scent

Fragrances are very customizable. Some brands offer to concoct your own blend. Others can also personalize the packaging like adding a small note and a ribbon, changing the color of the cap or even engraving a name on the bottle itself. Doing this, the gift will be even more special.

  • Scent That Has a Lasting Impression

Purchasing perfume for a close friend can be very intimate just because choosing a scent without them is really difficult. You can choose a fragrance that reminds you of them. This is like characterizing their personality through a scent which makes it even more significant.

  • Price Range

Perfumes are a very versatile present, cost wise, as it range from twenty dollars to more than five hundred dollars. You can either purchase an affordable but long-lasting scent or splurge on your loved one that has worked very hard everyday.

  • Practicality

Gifting a liquid gold is very practical in the sense that the user will consume it. Not a single penny will go to waste when you spend on either a luxurious fragrance or an inexpensive scent.

  • Ageless

Scents can be given to anyone; from a young spritely adult who works at a fast food joint to your sophisticated great grand aunt that lives across the street. It is unique and special either way.

  • Androgynous

Fragrances are genderless depending on the perfume’s makeup. WIth this perspective, it’s the perfect gift for the gent at work or a woman on the go. An example of an androgynous perfume brand is Jo Malone. It caters to both sexes, since the brand’s scents are very neutral and unisex.

  • “Just Because”

Because you simply wanted to gift someone with that special bottle of fragrance. Gifting your special someone something luxurious just because you appreciate him or her means a lot. Regardless of the occasion, giving something  just because is always an exceptional gesture.

  • Memories

As Joseph B. Wirthlin said, “Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming.” One of the lasting memories that we usually have are those in relation to what we smell.

Simply put, fragrances offer unforgettable memories that can last a lifetime. So if you wanted to make that lasting imprint on someone, a bottle of perfume is one of the best gifts you can give.

Stay Sincere

Regardless of what you give a family member, a close friend or a special someone, it is best to do it with a sincere heart. Whether its an expensive perfume or a simple bottle of fragrance, as long as it is given out of love, it’s the thought that always count.

What is the difference between eau de toilette and perfume?

You may be confused and don’t know what the difference between perfume and eau de toilette is. You may actually be thinking that these are all names for scents. If you want to know what difference is present then continue reading on.

All about perfume

Let us start by talking about the word “perfume.” This comes from the Latin phrase per meaning through and fumare that means smoke. Therefore it is not shocking that this subject tends to be a bit hazy.

When the weather is good you may be finding yourself looking for a scent that is slightly lighter in comparison to the scent that you employ when it is the colder months.
Every perfume house employs their own terminology as well as categories so as to classify their perfumes and that according to the specific concentration of essences present or aromatic oils that they have. Nevertheless, the following must provide you with some general idea of exactly what you are purchasing.

To figure out the difference present between the names of different scents let us look at the different types that are present.

Eau de Cologne

Starting off with eau de cologne, you may have heard of this or seen some bottle present in a shop. When considering concentration, eau de cologne tends to be at the bottom area of the range. This has around 7% essence that is dissolved in alcohol particularly of 60° or 70°.

If you are looking for some scent to put on when it is hot then you will find out that eau de cologne is wonderfully refreshing when the hot weather is present. You need to know that it does not stay for long, therefore you can often apply it directly onto your skin.

Eau de cologne tends to be sold in large sizes particularly up to 200 ml. Spray usually applies it. Now you know what exactly an eau de cologne is. If you are looking for something light like this then you can consider getting one for yourself.

Eau de toilette

This is sometimes employed so as to state the same concentration as cologne, and eau de toilette can have up to about 10% aromatic essence.

Remember that the top notes, this is the first scent that is given off by your perfume, are dominant, allowing it to be refreshing when it gets applied. It also evaporates as well as fades away rather fast.

Eau de toilette, as well as cologne, tend to be the most popular forms that fragrance is sold. They are particularly good when it is the summer and you just want something that will not make you feel hotter than it already is outside.

Eau de parfum

You may have also heard of this or seen some at a shop. After the scents top notes have gone, it is the middle notes or even heart notes of your perfume that become noticeable. When it comes to eau de parfum, this is the focus.

This makes it good to spray on hair and clothing. You need to be careful when it comes to delicate fabrics like silk, because they may stain.

With eau de parfum, you should know that the concentration of oils tends to be more than 15%, and sometimes it can even go as high as 20%. Due to the point that it is less intense in comparison to perfume extract, eau de parfum is even cheaper, it often lasts well moreover is sold in sizes that are small.


Looking at perfume again, this is also known as perfume extract or also extrait. It tends to be the most costly version of any fragrance. You may find it really beautiful as well due to the whole symphony consisting of top, heart as well as base notes that are given off over time.

This is actually because of the high concentration present of essences, this can be as much as 40% specifically by volume.

When it comes to perfume, this gets applied directly on your skin on pulse spots. This can include insides of your wrists, behind your ears, and even at your throat.

Looking at the average concentration specifically of essence within a perfume, this is 25%. This allows it to be the longest lasting when it comes to all the scent categories.

If you are looking for something long lasting then you will want to consider this. You only require a tiny amount. This is reflected within the sizes that it is actually sold in.

What then is the difference between eau de toilette and perfume

After reading the above we can see that the differences between eau de toilette and perfume are:

  •    The time it lasts for- When it comes to eau de toilette, its scent evaporates and also fades away rather quickly whereas perfume tends to last for much time. Therefore you can now select the one you want depending on how much time you want its scent to last for.
  •    The concentration of essence- Eau de toilette can have up to about 10% amazing aromatic essence whilst perfume’s average concentration of essence is 25% allowing its scent to last for more time.
  •    The scents that are dominant- When it comes to eau de toilette, it is the top notes that are dominant. With perfume, it is the top, heart along with base notes that are released over time.
  •    The cost- Perfume tends to be the most expensive one of all the different types present.

You now know the difference present between the names of the different scents that you see in shops. There are some differences present and it is a good idea that you know of these so that you can buy the one that will suit your own personal needs.

You can try out the different ones and see which one you like. You definitely will want to get a scent that will not annoy you and others..

What is eau de cologne and its use?

You may have heard of eau de cologne but are not sure what exactly it is. When it comes to eau de cologne, this is typically regarded as having a lighter scent that also does not possess much longevity. This has 2-5% fragrance oils as well as 85-90% alcohol.

Eau de cologne mainly has citrus along with floral notes moreover contains no spicy and heavier woodsy base to carry this for hours. If you want a light scent then eau de cologne should be your choice. It is used when you do not want something heavy.

Eau de cologne is actually a perfume that originated from Cologne, Germany.

What is eau de cologne made of

Eau de cologne was first mixed by someone known as Johann Maria Farina particularly in 1709. After this, it has been used as a generic term for those scented formulations which are in normal concentration of precisely 2-5% and even more depending on its kind essential oils or also a blend consisting of extracts, alcohol, plus water.

Within a base consisting of dilute ethanol (i.e. 70-90%), eau de cologne has a mixture that is of citrus oils as well as oils of lemon, bitter orange, orange, tangerine, blood orange, clementine, grapefruit, bergamot, as well as lime. It also has oils of neroli, tobacco, lavender, oleaster, rosemary, olive, thyme, jasmine, oregano, as well as petitgrain (orange leaf),

Applying eau de cologne and how it can be used

If you have brought some eau de cologne for the first time then you may be wanting to know how to apply this. This perfume coming from these colognes tends to be fresh along with the light. It is not very costly to buy colognes, they tend to be standard-bearing originals, moreover may be tough to find.

You can apply this cologne as you want, but the procedure is different in comparison to perfume preparations which have a stronger scent.

Read on if you want to know how to apply this and when you can use eau de cologne.

Use on your neck and also behind the ears

Do you love using a scent that you can apply on the neck as well as behind the ears? Are these the places that you wish to smell good? If yes then you can use an eau de cologne to do this. Get one whose smell you love and try it out to produce a wonderful smell that can attract.
To do this, start off by shaking only a bit of perfume upon the palm. Rub the hands together quickly. You can then rub this over the neck as well as behind the ears. Breathe deeply like you do, allowing the wonderful fragrance to go into the nose and out the mouth. You can do this when it is actually hot outside and everything seems hot and also sticky.

Use as an underarm deodorant

Are you looking for an underarm deodorant that is not too strong with an annoying smell? Some deodorants really have an annoying smell.

If you feel this way try using a light eau de cologne under your arms and see if you like the effect or not.

You can splash a bit onto the hands and employ this like an underarm deodorant that you may love. It is the alcohol that will kill the odor-causing bacteria. The fragrance will leave you with a fresh and clean scent. If you like this type of smell then consider getting an eau de cologne.

Cool down with an eau de cologne

You may be wondering how is this possible? If you like to remain cool then consider getting an eau de cologne that can be spritzed in such a way to produce a cooling sensation. Try this out and see if you like how it feels.

You can even cool down by spritzing only a small amount of this perfume upon a cotton handkerchief. After this, you can rub it over the forehead, arms, along with the back of neck and even legs.

You can rub it wherever you are feeling warm. You should know that the alcohol will evaporate fast, imparting you with a cooling sensation.

Use on the earlobes and wrists

Do you hate it when you are at a party or somewhere where they are many people and someone’s strong perfume is making the air have an annoying smell? If you do not want to be this person causing the discomfort to try using an eau de cologne.

You can do this by placing only a fingertip particularly against the top of your bottle. Wet it with your cologne. After doing this you can touch the wet finger specifically to your back area of the earlobes as well as the inside place of your wrists.

Doing this will provide you with the lightest touch of amazing fragrance. This will be good for times when you need to be present among some group of people (i.e. where aromas can actually be rather overpowering).

Eau de cologne for babies

You can even get eau de cologne that is made particularly for babies. If you want to get one for your baby then be sure that it is made for babies. Check the ingredients as well to be sure that it does not have anything that is very harmful. You can find ones that have a soft as well as sweet scent.

This can be good to refresh, perfume and pamper your baby’s hair, skin and clothes daily. The one that you buy should be suitable for sensible and delicate skin that babies have.

You can also find ones that are alcohol-free for your baby. Just be sure that the eau de cologne is safe for babies. Try a bit and if it produces a negative impact then stop using it on the baby.

If you are trying out eau de cologne for the first time or considering getting one, then you may like this if you are into fragrances that are light. You can buy a small quantity first to see if you like it. .

Do-It-Yourself Perfume with Essential Oils

Do-It-Yourself Perfume with Essential Oils

Many people are attracted to perfumes. Scent tends to be intimately tied to memory. You may get some memories when you smell a particular scent. Perfume has much value to play in our lives.

You can easily find perfumes from many different brands available in stores. Some conventional perfumes actually have many chemicals which do not even get told on the label.

To counter this you can make a perfume using essential oils so that it is completely natural and safe. Essential oils, in fact, tend to smell heavenly and therefore can make wonderful perfumes.

Making perfume like this will need you to be patient, but it may turn out to be cheaper than buying a perfume from a store. Continue reading on to find out more.

Make perfume at home

It is definitely possible to make a lovely perfume for yourself at home. Most perfumes are actually a mixture of different fragrance oils within an alcohol base. When it comes to perfumes, there are base fragrances, then mid-tones followed by top notes.

At the time that one smells some perfume, the top notes will typically be the first thing that they smell; then they will smell mid and finally base notes.

When you need to make a perfume, you will choose and add these going from base to top.

You also need to know that the alcohol alters the composition of your oils moreover as the flavors meld, expect much change. In the beginning, you may prefer some mixtures, but when they change, the smell may be horrible after some time.

Some that you may have thought to be horrible may turn out to smell good later on. You need to remember this when making the perfume.

It is essential that you find the appropriate oils as well as ratios which work well for you. You can, therefore, need to experiment with different oils.

You can add some drops at one time and have a journal where you save the number of drops that you added. When you can get a wonderful blend you can write this down and copy it later on.

You can, therefore, tell that you will need patience when wanting to use essential oils to make a perfume. Take out time to know the different ingredients and how they smell after a period of say two weeks after you have mixed them. You may end up producing a wonderful smelling fragrance.

Read on to find out about a tried out DIY perfume recipe that you can try out today.

An exciting DIY perfume recipe to try out

You can try out this recipe and see if you like the scent that it produces. Remember to not be impatient and enjoy this task which can be fun.

The base oils:

Starting off with the base oils you can add the following:

  • Vanilla (try adding 1 tsp of some homemade vanilla extract)
  • Cedarwood (add 3 drops of this)
  • Vetiver (add 4 drops of this)
  • Ylang Ylang (only 3 drops of this)
  • Sandlewood (get 4 drops of this added)
  • Frankincense (add 8 drops).

After these base oils you can proceed to the middle tones.

The middle tones:

For the middle tones get the following oils:

  • Rose (add 6 drops of this oil)
  • Lavender (add 10 drops)
  • Blue Chamomile (only 3 drops)
  • Geranium (add 8 drops of this).

Proceeding on to the top notes get the following oils.

The top notes:

  • Bergamot (add 5 drops)
  • Wild Orange (only 3 drops)
  • Neroli (add 5 drops)

If you do not have any of these ingredients you can visit a store that sells essential oils and asks for them. You can even search on the internet to see if these oils can be brought at a reasonable price.

This fragrance has been tried out and has worked. Therefore if you are not willing to experiment right now with different essential oils you can try out the above fragrance. The above perfume will look blue-green due to the three drops that you will add of blue chamomile oil.

If you want you do not have to add this oil if you wish to get a color that is more neutral. If you are worried that this will stain your clothes, it has been claimed that it will not do this.

You can start using this perfume immediately, but it is recommended that you allow the flowers to meld for a minimum of a month before starting to use the perfume.

Storing the perfume

You need to store the perfume in something that will keep it safe from any environmental or other damage. You can store it in a dark colored bottle. You can buy one that is not too costly even. It is vital that you preserve the amazing pure scents of these oils with the help of this bottle.

Do not carelessly store the perfume in any bottle. Be sure that whatever you store it in, the ingredients will be protected and remain fresh for much time.

Herbal perfume ingredients:

Let us now look at the ingredients.

  • About 12-20 drops total consisting of Base Essential Oils such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, as well as Vetiver, etc.
  • It is optional to add 1 tsp consisting of some homemade vanilla extract.
  • About 25-30 drops comprising middle tone oils such as Rose, Geranium, Lavender, and Chamomile.
  • About 12-15 drops consisting of top note oils such as Bergamot, Neroli, or even Wild Orange.
  • Add 4 ounces consisting of alcohol to preserve as well as meld scents.

Instructions to make the DIY perfume

  1. Mix all the oils inside an opaque bottle to receive the scent you prefer. Allow the mixture to remain inside the bottle by itself for only a few days allowing the scents to meld.
  2. You need to add the alcohol. Remember to cap tightly.
  3. You can shake this and place it inside some cool and dark place for a minimum of a month. This part is optional and aids the alcohol scent in fading and allowing the oils’ scents to intensify.

It is a good hobby and idea to make DIY perfume using essential oils..